The Mans Decree Chapter 2588

The Mans Decree Chapter 2588-Back in Rock Village, the villagers, still in mourning, suddenly found their entire village surrounded.

“Bad news, Mr. Antonio. The men from Cyan Village have come to attack us!” somebody reported to Antonio in a panicked voice.

Antonio frowned with worry at the news of the intruders’ arrival. “Notify everybody to arm themselves and prepare to face the enemy!”

Quickly, all the men, women, and children of Rock Village picked up their weapons.

Although the villagers of Rock Village would not dare defy a sect like Emerald Cauldron Sect, they would not stand idly by and get run over by the people of Cyan Village who were considered their equals.

Cyan Village might be more powerful than Rock Village, but many of the villagers of Rock Village who were enraged were ready to fight the invaders from Cyan Village.

Antonio ascended the stairs at the entrance and surveyed the group—numbering in the hundreds—from Cyan Village. They were armed and staring daggers at them.

The man in the lead was the village elder of Cyan Village, Yugen Sins. He used to lead a gang of bandits before becoming a village elder, seemingly to redeem himself, yet every single villager of Cyan Village was a bandit who robbed and plundered for a living.

“Why did you bring so many men to attack us, Yugen? We’re not afraid of you. We’ll drag you down with us if it comes down to it!” Antonio said icily.

“Don’t try to frighten me. I was tasked to lead my men here today. Just do as I say, and your lives will be spared. If you refuse, I’ll slaughter everyone in your village. Don’t forget who I used to be, old man. Once I’ve killed all of you, the girls in your village will be in for a treat,” Yugen said with a sneer.

Antonio turned red with rage at those words, but he was well aware of Yugen’s penchant for brutality. As he was an ex-bandit, the girls would be in grave danger if he stormed the village.

“You mentioned being tasked, Yugen. Who gave you the order? Tell me what you want. If Rock Village has it, I will give it to you.”

Antonio gave in. Yugen only demanded resources every time he dropped by. It’s best to send him on his way. Rock Village has suffered heavy losses. More may follow if we wage a war right now.

Antonio was also worried about the women of his village being defiled. He did not fear death for himself, but he could not bear to watch his woman get violated in front of him.

“I don’t want anything of yours this time. All you have to do is hand over a fellow by the name of Kai Chance, and I’ll be on my way with all my men,” Yugen said.

“Kai Chance?” Antonio froze for a moment, but he soon realized who had entrusted Yugen with such a task.

Antonio gazed into the distance. Sure enough, he saw Francois and Sigurd looking over with mischievous anticipation from under a tree not far away.

Antonio did not expect that despite the warning Infinides had issued to them both, they still dared to use the people of Cyan Village to go against them.

“Go to hell. We won’t hand Kai over to you,” Percy yelled at Yugen after climbing up the tower at the entrance.

“You little shit! Are you courting death?”

Yugen flew into a rage, having been told off by a youngster.

“You’re the one courting death around here.”

Percy nocked an arrow and sent it flying toward Yugen with a whoosh.

Yugen moved aside to dodge the arrow. “Kill them all! Breach the gates, and all the women will be yours!”


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