The Mans Decree Chapter 2590

The Mans Decree Chapter 2590-The explosive state of such power was much more potent than any other force he had experienced. At that moment, Kai’s mind was filled with the Power Of Three.

It was the power of all three races fused into one. Although Kai knew very little about the Power of Three, he knew it was extremely powerful.

While Kai was still reeling from shock, he was suddenly roused by the noise of the massacre outside. “What’s going on outside, Emily?”

“The people from Cyan Village are here, Kai. They’ve breached the village gates and are slaughtering everybody,” Percy quickly said.

Kai dashed out as soon as he heard those words, but Emily and Percy held him back.

“Mr. Antonio ordered us to take you away through the secret passage. Don’t go. They’re here for you. You’ll die if you go out there. The people from Emerald Cauldron Sect are here too. They are the ones who ordered the people of Cyan Village to attack us,” Percy said to Kai.

Kai’s anger flared when he heard that. Now that he had regained his full strength and even advanced to Eighth Level Manifestor, he was not afraid of Francois.

“Rest assured, you two. I have regained my powers. I’m no longer afraid of them.”

Kai pushed Emily and Percy aside, then strode out.

As soon as he emerged from the house, he found a bloodbath before him, with many villagers of Rock Village lying in pools of blood.

Antonio was still holding on as he led a group of survivors.

Kai looked at the scene before him, his eyes becoming moist before turning bloodshot.

A murderous aura enveloped Rock Village. The sky suddenly grew dark, and a gale began to howl.

The intruders became frightened by the sudden turn of events. They froze and gaped at the dim sky.

Kai strode forward slowly, one step at a time. His eyes were red, and black mist enveloped him.

At that moment, his eyes were glowing red. He looked like a demon from hell.


Antonio looked a little excited when he saw that Kai was awake.

“Thank you, Mr. Antonio. Take them to rest and leave this to me. I will not allow a single one of them who has hurt the villagers of Rock Village to leave. They all must die.”

As soon as he finished, a terrifying aura emanated from him.

The men of Cyan Village suddenly realized they could no longer move. They felt as if they were being crushed by a mountain.

Many of those from Cyan Village threw up blood from the crushing impact. Some of them even exploded.

Kai did not move. That pressure from his overwhelming dominance alone caused immense casualties for the villagers of Cyan Village.

That was the unfathomable gap between their strength.

Yugen was forced to his knees with such impact that his kneecaps shattered instantly.

He looked at Kai in terror, unable to believe how powerful the latter had become. If he had known, he would not have promised to help Francois.

However, it was too late for regrets now.

“Kai is here,” Francois said, then leaped up and landed in Rock Village with Sigurd.

Yugen’s eyes flashed with hope at Francois’ arrival. “Help me, Mr. Wurtsel!” Yugen begged Francois as he had been following his orders.

However, Francois did not spare Yugen so much as a glance. He merely waved his hand, and Yugen’s head exploded. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Yugen no longer held any value to Francois. A worthless man like him could only die.


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