The Mans Decree Chapter 2591

The Mans Decree Chapter 2591-Kai stood across Francois and Sigurd, whose aura erupted.

They tightened their grip on their weapons, realizing that Kai’s aura had changed again.

In a few short days, his power had increased rapidly. From being a wretched nobody, he had now ascended to the same level as them.

“So you’re a Manifestor too hiding in the midst of these lowly peasants,” Francois said, sizing up Kai.

“These lowly peasants you speak of possess the same flesh and blood as yours. Today, I’ll make you realize that you’re the lowly peasant you say they are,” Kai said with a cold expression.

Upon sensing Kai’s chilling murderous intent, Francois did not dare speak.

Sigurd stepped forward with a frown right then. “So, you’re Kai? I am the principal disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect, Sigurd Brink. I think there has been a misunderstanding. Why don’t you come with us to Emerald Cauldron Sect? I’m sure my master would accept you as his disciple given your level of cultivation. Being a disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect is an honor like none other. Much better than fraternizing with these peasants.”

Having sensed Kai’s aura and power, Sigurd had the idea of recruiting him.

It was almost impossible to break through to Eighth Level Manifestor in such an impoverished village in the mountains.

Sigurd was wary of Kai’s background and power.

“A disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect?” Kai smirked. “Even if your master is here, he is only worthy of kneeling before me. Try asking him if he dares to accept me as his disciple.”

“How dare you speak of my master with such insolence! Even the kings around here are respectful to my master. You are courting death by insulting him, you little shit!” Francois roared.

They did not know that their master, Hosen, had indeed knelt before Kai.

“I’m giving you a chance, kid, yet you don’t even know how to take it. Don’t think we’re afraid of you just because you’re a Manifestor,” Sigurd said icily.

Kai might be a Manifestor, but Sigurd and Francois were no pushovers, either. As they were also Manifestors themselves, it would be an easy fight since they outnumbered him by two to one.

What they did not know, however, was that Kai had the Power of Three within him. Although he had not made much progress in his cultivation level, his strength had seen a substantial increase.

Despite having only broken through to Eighth Level Manifestor, he was not afraid if he had to face a cultivator of Third Level Body Fusion Realm and below.

Even if he came across a cultivator of Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, he was confident he would be able to defend himself.

His current strength was unmatched by Francois and Sigurd.

“What I need is not for you to be afraid of me. What I need is for you to die. I’m going to avenge the villagers of Rock Village.”

An intense, murderous aura, laced with the smell of blood, erupted from him and enveloped Francois and Sigurd.

Rock Village would not have lost so many of its villagers if not for these two!

Kai was determined to avenge them.

“Is it worth making an enemy out of Emerald Cauldron Sect for the sake of a bunch of peasants, Kai?” Sigurd asked.

“Are you calling them peasants because they are not as powerful as you?” Kai’s eyes were cold.


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