The Mans Decree Chapter 2592

The Mans Decree Chapter 2592-Kai was all the more livid after he heard Sigurd’s words.

“In this world, there are both strong and weak people. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be strong. Your status as a Manifestor doesn’t automatically grant you strength. In the eyes of truly formidable cultivators, you hold no significance. I could kill you both now, for you are nothing more than insignificant insects to me. Does that make you both lowly peasants too?”

“Kai, you and I are on the same level. How bold of you to say that. Since you won’t listen to me, you’ll be meeting your doom today.”

Sigurd refused to waste his time on Kai. A murderous aura began to rise from his body.

He had intended to deceive Kai into joining Emerald Cauldron Sect without wasting unnecessary energy. Little did he expect Kai to be so stubborn.

Since Kai wouldn’t listen, he could only use force.

“You’ll find out soon enough who will meet their doom today!”

Kai snorted, and as he extended his right hand, the Dragonslayer Sword appeared.

The sword exuded a chilling aura. Though Zelda was wounded and unable to part from the sword, its aura alone served as ample evidence of its magical nature!

“No wonder Master wants us to bring you back alive. It looks like you have many magical items with you,” Sigurd said, then made his move.

Seeing that, Francois also took action. They both combined forces to attack Kai.

Antonio, Emily, and the others became increasingly agitated as they witnessed the scene. Nonetheless, their unease held no practical purpose. A battle of this level was simply not something they could participate in.

In fact, if they were to get any closer, they would end up getting hurt.

“Good!” Kai leaped into the air with his Dragonslayer Sword.

Sigurd’s sword quivered, emitting an immense sword radiance that enveloped Kai entirely.

At the same time, Francois’ tiger head sword released a menacing aura aimed directly at Kai.

They harnessed the entirety of their strength, recognizing Kai’s might. To successfully capture Kai alive, they understood the necessity of swiftly overpowering him.

It is harder to capture someone alive than to kill them.

Of course, Kai wouldn’t let them succeed easily. They had to make sure he lost all his strength so he wouldn’t commit suicide.

Their plan sounded grand, but they had no idea that Kai looked down upon them and would never commit suicide.

As their assaults homed in on him, Kai’s lips curled into a smirk, and a flicker of disdain danced in his eyes.

“Your sword skills are nothing compared to mine!”

Kai waved Dragonslayer Sword lightly in the air, and sword flowers bloomed.

Both Francois’ and Sigurd’s sword auras crashed to the ground, easily defeated by Kai’s sword flowers.

The ground shook, and smoke rose to the sky.

To Francois’ and Sigurd’s surprise, Kai remained rooted to his spot. On the contrary, they both were forced to retreat from the impact of Kai’s attack.

Francois and Sigurd panted heavily as they gazed at Kai in disbelief.

“H-How is this possible?”

Their eyes widened incredulously.

They had thought they would succeed as they had both joined forces and exerted all their strength to capture Kai, who was on the same level as them.

To their astonishment, Kai had effortlessly deflected their attacks with his sword, emerging unscathed from their on


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