The Mans Decree Chapter 2593

The Mans Decree Chapter 2593-That turn of events was simply unbelievable. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Kai ignored them and glanced at his Dragonslayer Sword, caressing it slowly.

“I’ve overestimated you by using Dragonslayer Sword to defeat you. It isn’t worth it to damage my sword just to eliminate the two of you!”

Following those words, Kai put his Dragonslayer Sword away.

Their prior exchange had led him to recognize that he had given too much credit to Francois’ and Sigurd’s prowess.

Kai’s decision to put away his weapon indicated his lack of concern over them posing a significant danger. Francois and Sigurd seethed with anger at his apparent disregard.

Kai’s body began shining with a golden light as he activated Golem Body, and gold scales covered his whole body.

“If you get on your knees and apologize to me, I’ll make your deaths swift and painless,” Kai said.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, kid. You’re only as strong as the magical item in your possession. Without it, you wouldn’t even stand a chance against us!” Francois said, convinced that Kai’s ability to take their blows was primarily due to the magic sword he wielded.

“I have kept my weapon. Now, allow me to demonstrate how I’ll beat you to a pulp without relying on it.”

With that, Kai darted toward Francois.

He triggered the Power of Three within himself and activated Wind Walk, amplifying its speed to its utmost limit.

He could travel any distance almost instantaneously, making it appear as though he wasn’t even in motion.

Francois failed to respond swiftly enough. He did not anticipate that Kai could close the dozen-meter gap between them in an instant.

By the time he comprehended the situation, it was too late. An external force struck his abdomen, propelling him backward in the air. He crashed onto the ground, creating a profound crater that extended several meters into the earth.

Beside him, Sigurd was similarly caught off guard. He remained oblivious to Kai’s sudden appearance before them, as there was no perceptible hint, not even a fleeting shadow. It was as though Kai had materialized out of thin air.

“H-How could you be this quick? Can you travel through time?” Sigurd trembled as fear crossed his face.

It was impossible for a Manifestor to master time travel.

However hard it was to believe, Sigurd had to accept it as the truth.

He finally believed that Kai was telling the truth. To Kai, they were nothing but insignificant insects and lowly peasants.

Sigurd retreated swiftly and threw a white smoke grenade that formed a shield in front of him.

This was Emerald Cauldron Sect’s signature poison. Anyone who breathed in the poison would lose their strength right away.

It was only after throwing out the poison that Sigurd could finally relax a little.

Looking at the veil of white mist ahead, he surmised that Kai had likely been immobilized. Otherwise, he would have undoubtedly pursued them already.

As he extended a hand to assist Francois to his feet happily, a faint sound of approaching footsteps traveled into his ears.

Thud, thud, thud…

Every footstep felt like a heavy weight on their chests, causing their hearts to race. It was reasonable to assume that no one should be able to move under the effect of the poison.

Yet, the approaching footsteps shattered this assumption. Someone remained unaffected by the poison’s grip.

The two of them tensed up, hoping that the advancing figure wasn’t Kai.


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