The Mans Decree Chapter 2594

The Mans Decree Chapter 2594-When Kai walked out from that white smoke, they felt their hearts shattering into pieces.

“What the hell? What is going on?”

Francois looked at Sigurd in disbelief. The poison in question was a hallmark of Emerald Cauldron Sect, and it wasn’t distributed to ordinary disciples.

Sigurd possessed it solely due to his status as the principal disciple. Little did they know that the poison would prove ineffective.

Sigurd looked confused. He found himself at a loss for words.

Unbeknownst to them, their master Hosen was no match for Kai in the field of alchemy. Kai’s physical constitution was impervious to poisons. Each poison entering his body would be refined through the Focus Technique.

Looking at the confused duo, Kai flashed an icy smirk. “I surpass you both significantly in swordsmanship, and your master is no match for me in alchemy. Do you truly believe your weak poison can affect me?”

He emerged before Sigurd and Francois in a flash.

“Sacred Light Fist!” Kai roared and threw a punch.

With the Power of Three, the power of the Sacred Light Fist increased significantly. The glow on Kai’s fist was akin to the sun.


The powerful fist destroyed everything in its way before sending Francois and Sigurd flying backward as if they were nothing but mere grass.

Both of them spewed out blood and crashed onto the ground.

Kai had obtained the Power of Three, so they were obviously not his match.

“Why? How is this possible? Why are you so strong when we’re at the same cultivation level?” Francois couldn’t wrap his head around what had just happened.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

Sigurd recognized that with Kai’s power, he should be from one of the prestigious families of the Ethereal Realm. He was curious about Kai’s background and identity.

While Emerald Cauldron Sect wasn’t the most formidable force in the vicinity, as direct disciples, they held considerable sway. Yet little did they expect Kai to effortlessly overpower them despite their equal levels of cultivation.

They outnumbered him but failed to apprehend him. Instead, they found themselves overpowered and incapacitated, unable to fight back.

“I don’t have any special identity or any factions backing me up. You don’t have to be afraid of me. If you still have any trump cards, show them all. Otherwise, I’ll send you on your way to hell now,” Kai said icily.

Francois and Sigurd helped each other up. As they met Kai’s glacial stare, a realization dawned upon them. As long as Kai remained alive, they would be doomed.

Without hesitation, they abandoned any thoughts of capturing Kai alive.

“Kai, don’t be arrogant. As direct disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect, we won’t be killed so easily!” Francois said, his eyes narrowed in determination.

“I’m well aware of that, of course. Even your junior, Brutus, possessed a life-saving token. I assume you have other means of saving yourselves. Regardless of the tricks you may possess, they won’t grant you escape from this encounter unscathed. Even if your master were present, your destiny would remain unchanged. No one can save your lives today.”

Kai’s eyes gleamed with murderous intent. He wasn’t about to let them leave the village alive for the sake of the dead villagers.

“How arrogant!” Sigurd took out two black pills and gave one to Francois.

Without hesitation, they swallowed the pills.

Their faces contorted as their auras surged to new heights. In no time, they ascended to Ninth Level Manifestor.

Kai was only at Eighth Level Manifestor, and now he had to confront two opponents who were at Ninth Level Manifestors.

Kai sneered, “Do you think you can defeat me by taking such lowly pills to increase your strength?”

“Kai, they are not lowly pills. They are Energy Lifting Pills, which have been modified. There won’t be any side effects on our body,” Sigurd said icily.


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