The Mans Decree Chapter 2597

The Mans Decree Chapter 2597-Both life-saving tokens were glowing as layers of shield protected the two of them. It was only then the two men felt a little safer.

Alas, before they could sigh in relief, they realized that the life-saving token’s shields were shattering like glass under the attacks of the flying swords.

The two men were dumbstruck. The life-saving token was their final trick up their sleeve, and yet, it was as flimsy as a piece of wet paper against Kai.


Francois’ other arm was chopped off as he sustained multiple slashes on his legs. With a loud thump, he fell to his knees.

A similar outcome happened to Sigurd. His limbs were all chopped off, and he was covered in his own blood.

In a flash, Kai disappeared and reappeared above the two of them, watching them from the top as if he was an immortal watching the mortals.

Francois and Sigurd had to tilt their head back to look at Kai. By then, there was no more fear left in their eyes. All they wished was for a quick death.

“Who in the world are you? Kill us if you dare. My master will avenge us,” Sigurd said to Kai.

On the other hand, Francois was silent, his gaze unfocused. He always thought that Kai was merely a country bumpkin, but he later realized that Kai was far more powerful than he imagined and guessed that Kai was a son from a prestigious family. However, after how Kai easily rendered them immobile, he could no longer wrap his mind around Kai’s identity.

Kai did not answer Sigurd. Instead, he grabbed the two of them and dragged them back to Rock Village.

Kai was not going to kill them; he was going to let the people from Rock Village kill them to alleviate their hatred toward them instead.

When Percy and the others saw Kai towing Sigurd and Francois back, they cheered.

“Kai, are you okay?” both Percy and Emily asked in concern.

“How can I not be? Don’t worry.” Kai gave them a faint smile before turning to Antonio. “Mr. Antonio, I’ve brought back the two culprits. I’ll leave them both to you all now.”

Antonio’s eyes burned with tears, and he nodded.

Then, the villagers all whipped their heads to the side to look at Sigurd and Francois. If not for those two men, Rock Village would not have lost so many of its inhabitants.

“Kill them! Kill them!” the villagers roared.

Antonio waved his hand and declared, “We can’t let them die so quickly. We have to torture them to death!”

With that said, Antonio instructed a few villagers to tie Francois and Sigurd by the square.

Even if they did not restrain the two men, the two men still would not be able to run. Kai had severed their limbs, after all.

It was close to impossible for Francois to reattach his arms by then.

After tying them both up, Antonio said, “Folks, they are the reason we’ve lost our family. We must now take our revenge! All of you can think of ways to torture them, but you must not kill them. You need to keep them alive for the rest of the villagers to take their revenge.”

The rest of the people bobbed their heads in agreement with Antonio’s words.

“We’ll start with this guy,” Antonio said, pointing at Francois.

After all, Francois had hit and insulted the villagers during his two trips to Rock Village. Every inhabitant despised him.

Thus, all of the villagers lined up and began exacting their revenge on Francois.

Some would slice off parts of Francois’ flesh, and some would strike him with stones. Some would burn him, but none would hurt him in the vital areas. They were not going to let Francois die.

Francois’ cries of pain echoed in the square.

He desperately wished to die. Staying alive was an agony, but his wish could not come true.

He was truly in a living hell.


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