The Mans Decree Chapter 2598

The Mans Decree Chapter 2598-Kai realized that he had not seen Ira around since he woke, so he turned to Emily and inquired, “Emily, where’s your grandmother?”

Kai wanted to thank Ira, for it was Ira’s demon bead that made him obtain The Power Of Three.

However, the second Kai voiced the question, Emily began bawling, baffling him.

“Kai, Emily’s grandmother was taken away by Abbot Infinides…” Antonio muttered with a look of desolation.

Although he had found out that Ira was a demon, Ira had been living in Rock Village for years, and she had been a kind soul who took in Emily. Hence, Antonio was sad that Ira had been taken away by Antonio.

“Abbot Infinides?” Kai drew his brows together. He had never heard of someone with that title.

“I heard that Abbot Infinides hates demons the most. He’ll always go after them to take them away. I don’t think Ira’s going to survive after getting captured by Abbot Infinides,” Antonio whispered.

Kai’s expression turned grim when he heard Antonio’s words. “Mr. Antonio, do you know where Abbot Infinides is at?”

Antonio shook his head and answered, “I don’t know. People like Abbot Infinides are individuals we’ve only heard about.”

Kai had no choice but to drop the topic after hearing Antonio’s response. Once he was done settling Emerald Cauldron Sect’s affair, he would consult Yuven about this matter.

If Infinides had killed Ira, then Kai was going to avenge her.

Now, his priority was to deal with Emerald Cauldron Sect. If he did not deal with the sect now, Rock Village was going to continue to suffer, and it was impossible for Kai to stay at Rock Village forever to protect them.

Nonetheless, Kai was not too confident that he would win against Hosen in a fight despite becoming an Eighth Level Manifestor and possessing The Power Of Three.

Moreover, Kai was not too sure of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s current situation. He would have to find out more about the sect before making any decisions.

By then, Francois had already been tormented to the point he could barely inhale and exhale. His cries had faded away a long time ago.

Though his moving eyes were a sign of him still being alive, death would be far easier on him.

Francois’ body looked flayed, and many parts of his body had been gorged out. There was a gaping wound on his chest, and the people could even see his internal organs.

“Kill… Kill me, please… Please…” Francois weakly begged for their mercy.

Torment like this was far worse than death.

“So you want to die now? It’s too late. Weren’t you all high and mighty when you killed these villagers and thought of them as insignificant? But now, you’re begging for mercy from us insignificant people. I’m not going to let you die so quickly.”

With that said, Kai took out a pinch of powder and scattered it on Francois.

Francois’ body shook. He felt as though a thousand ants were gnawing on his body.

The agony he was experiencing was indescribable.

Sigurd, who was beside Francois, could only stare at Francois in a daze. His pants were wet. He had been steady earlier, but now, he had peed his pants in his fear.

Death did not scare him, but the way Francois was tortured frightened him.

Kai glanced at Sigurd and grinned. He understood that when people who usually put on a tough and fearless facade were genuinely frightened, their fear ran even deeper than those who openly admitted to being afraid.

When Sigurd realized that Kai was staring at him, he began pleading, “J-Kai, please don’t kill me. Please don’t kil


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