The Mans Decree Chapter 2603

The Mans Decree Chapter 2603-At Rock Village, Sigurd had no problems walking shortly after his limbs had been coated in jet melding cream, recovering speedily.

Seeing that he was fine, Kai announced, “We’ll set out for Emerald Cauldron Sect tomorrow.”

“Sure!” Sigurd bobbed his head with servility written all over his face.

At that moment, he was just like the help before the man. Two days ago, he looked down upon Kai and was of the opinion that the man was a lowly peasant. But right then, he had no choice but to obey the latter.

“You’re leaving tomorrow, Kai?” Emily and Percy whined, looking at Kai with reluctance in their eyes.

Nodding, Kai patted them on the head. “Yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ve got to figure out a way to annihilate Emerald Cauldron Sect to make Rock Village safe. Otherwise, they’ll undoubtedly take revenge against you all.”

“We’ll miss you during your absence, Kai,” Emily murmured, holding her tears at bay.

“I’ll be back. When I’ve dealt with Emerald Cauldron Sect, I’ll come back to visit you all. Also, I remember the matter about Ms. Ira. I’ll search for her.”

While saying that, Kai took out a piece of paper filled with writing and handed it to Percy, instructing, “I’ve jotted down some information about alchemy here, Percy. You’ve learned quite a bit in the past few days. If you practice according to what I wrote, I believe you’ll be an alchemist sooner or later! At that time, no one will pick on Rock Village anymore, and you can do something for the villagers!”

In the past few days, he had taught Percy some basics of being an alchemist, only to find the latter a quick learner who was highly talented.

“Thank you, Kai!” Percy exclaimed, taking the paper the man personally wrote.

“Since you’re leaving soon, Kai, I’ll retrieve your bow so you can take it with you,” Emily proposed.

In response, Kai gave a dip of his head. Emily promptly ran off.

Kai’s Dragonslayer Sword’s sword spirit, Zelda, had yet to recover then. Consequently, the maximum potential of the weapon could not be unleashed. Hence, he really needed to use Divine Bow if he wanted to go up against a Body Fusion Realm warrior such as Hosen.

Although using it would bring him much unnecessary trouble, it could save his life at a critical juncture.

Besides, he presently possessed the Power of Three, so Divine Bow’s force would undoubtedly skyrocket when he used it.

As he waited for Emily to bring him the Divine Bow, he saw her sprinting back with panic etched across her features and her hands empty.

“It’s bad, Kai! That… That bow of yours is gone! It’s missing!” Emily uttered guiltily.

At once, a frown marred Kai’s countenance. “What? Quick, bring me over for a look!”

He had not laid eyes on Divine Bow either, ever since Emily hid it.

Following that, Emily hurriedly led Kai and the others to the place where she hid the Divine Bow.

It was an exceedingly dilapidated hut filled with a myriad of junk. In a corner was a fresh hole leading underground.

“I hid the bow in this hut, but it’s gone now.”

Emily burst into tears.

She felt guilty toward Kai for having lost his weapon, more so when it was beyond precious.

“It’s okay, Emily,” Kai coaxed. Then, he studied the hole carefully.

It was clear as day that some creature had dug a hole there and took Divine Bow away.

But what exactly was it that could burrow a hole underground to commit theft? And judging from the size of the hole, the creature that dug it must be pretty big!

“This is a mole burrow!” Sigurd interjected out of the blue.

“A mole burrow?”

“Yes. From a single glance, I can tell that it was dug by a Mole Monster. The Mole Monster had also once stolen from Emerald Cauldron Sect, and the hole it dug was exactly the same,” Sigurd asserted with a nod.


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