The Mans Decree Chapter 2604

The Mans Decree Chapter 2604-Kai furrowed his brows. I’m sure this Mole Monster is from the beast race, and the only beast territory near Rock Village I know of is King Yuven’s Imperial Beast City. If this particular critter is acting on King Yuven’s orders to steal Divine Bow, I have nothing to fear. What worries me is letting the bow fall into the hands of other beast races!

“Sigurd, besides King Yuven’s Imperial Beast City, are there other beast territories near Rock Village?”

As Emerald Cauldron Sect’s principal disciple, Sigurd had to know the nearby forces like the back of his hand.

“Yes. There’s also a Norwal City ruled by King Lucian. It’s only about three hundred kilometers away from Rock Village,” Sigurd replied. “Norwal City and Imperial Beast City sit respectively on the south and north of Rock Village, while our human habitat’s smack in the middle.”

Kai fell silent. Gosh. I have no clue if the Mole Monster that has stolen Divine Bow is from Norwal City or Imperial Beast City! However, it’d be too time-consuming if I made a trip to Imperial Beast City now…

Just as Kai continued to rack his brain for a solution, Leifr surprised everyone by escorting Ali back to the village.

Even though Ali had almost fully recovered after several days of rest, Leifr insisted on personally escorting him home to ensure his safety.

When Ali saw the ruins and rubble in the village and the rows of newly made tombstones, a wave of shock and sorrow washed over him.

Upon seeing Ali, Emily and Percy ran toward him excitedly. “Ali…”

Antonio, too, welcomed him with open arms.

“W-What happened here, Mr. Antonio?” Ali asked in utter bewilderment. “How did the village become like this?”

Antonio sighed before recounting the events to Ali.

However, he only mentioned the attack from Cyan Village and left out Emerald Cauldron Sect’s involvement.

After all, Kai had already released Sigurd and forgiven his crimes, so Antonio didn’t want to arouse Ali’s resentment toward Emerald Cauldron Sect.

If Ali were to lose his temper and wage war on Sigurd, Kai would be caught between a rock and a hard place.

“Damn that Cyan Village! I’ll rip every one of them into pieces!” Ali said through gritted teeth, his fists tightly clenched.

“Kai has already wiped out the main forces of Cyan Village. All that’s left are the sick and the weak. You can lead a team there in a few days and bring back all their resources,” Antonio said.

Ali nodded and strode toward Kai. “Kai, thank you…”

“All this happened because of me, so I should be thanking you instead,” Kai said smilingly. “If you guys hadn’t saved me, I’d have been devoured by those demon beasts.”

“Mr. Chance, now that I’ve completed my escort mission, it’s time for me to report back. Before I leave, however, I must give you this handwritten letter from Princess Ivasha,” Leifr said politely before handing an envelope to Kai.

Instead of reading it, Kai stuffed the letter into his shirt pocket and turned to Leifr. “Give me a moment. I want to write a letter to King Yuven. You can help me take it back to Imperial Beast City.”

Kai entered a room to write his letter and even sealed it with a simple arcane array to guard against prying eyes.

After seeing Leifr off, Kai bade everyone in Rock Village farewell and promptly left for Emerald Cauldron Sect with Sigurd.

Along the way, he finally read Ivasha’s letter, which was nothing more than her whining about how much she missed him.

It was clear that the princess was a passionate woman, and despite only having just known Kai, she wasn’t afraid of pouring her feelings out in a love letter. The content was so provocative that even Kai couldn’t help but blush while reading it.

Seconds later, Kai stashed the letter away and decided to ask Sigurd about Emerald Cauldron Sect.


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