The Mans Decree Chapter 2606

The Mans Decree Chapter 2606-“Mr. Huntington, how confident are you?” Cameron asked Yael apprehensively. “Elder Nesser’s aura is very weak at the moment. If the medicine is too potent, I’m afraid he won’t be able to withstand it and will pass away for real.”

Eamon’s revival could directly affect the Nesser family’s future. If Eamon could really be resurrected, their family’s status would undoubtedly skyrocket.

Eamon was a real powerhouse a thousand years ago. He might have even successfully reached the Ultimate Realm. If that were the case, he wasn’t far from achieving immortality.

“Rest assured, Mr. Nesser. I am ninety percent confident. However, Elder Nesser’s aura is too fragile. Even if he revives, he will need to regain his strength gradually,” Yael responded with full confidence.

“That’s all right. As long as Elder Nesser comes back to life, I’ll provide him with all of the Nesser family’s resources. I believe he can recover in no time,” Cameron said joyfully.

Yael nodded, then slowly walked up to Eamon. He gently pried Eamon’s mouth open and placed a pill into his oral cavity.

The pill melted at once in his mouth. In the next second, a soft aura began to envelop Eamon’s body.

Cameron and Chev stared at Eamon’s corpse nervously.

The soft aura gradually seeped into Eamon’s body, and as it did, his originally shriveled, withered flesh started to swell, and his complexion turned rosier.

Cameron and Chev grew ecstatic at that sight.

About ten minutes later, Eamon slowly opened his eyes and abruptly sat up.

Seeing Eamon returning to life, Cameron and Chev hastily knelt on the floor.

“Greetings, Elder Nesser. I’m the head of the Nesser family, Cameron Nesser. Congratulations on your revival!”

Following Cameron’s expression of goodwill, all the descendants of the Nesser family outside echoed excitedly, “Congratulations on your revival, Elder Nesser!”

“Congratulations on your revival, Elder Nesser!”

As the shouts grew louder, the entire Nesser residence was boiling over with elation.

Every member of the Nesser family wore gleeful expressions. Even Yael seemed in high spirits. After all, he could proudly boast about his achievement now that he had successfully resurrected the Nesser family’s elder.

At that moment, only Eamon was staring blankly at everything in front of him, his eyes filled with bewilderment.

He didn’t know where he was or who the people before him were.

That was because Eamon’s restoration to life wasn’t an actual resurrection. He was possessed by Skylar’s soul remnant.

Fortunately for Skylar, a pathway to Ethereal Realm had opened up when he was nearly wholly destroyed by Kai, and his soul remnant had managed to escape into it.

Cameron and Chev grew ecstatic at that sight.

About ten minutes later, Eamon slowly opened his eyes and abruptly sat up.

He had unintentionally ended up possessing Eamon’s body. However, as Eamon had died a thousand years ago and was reduced to a dry corpse, not to mention Skylar was only a soul remnant at that time, he couldn’t directly resurrect the possessed cadaver.

Luckily, Cameron noticed the changes in Eamon’s dead body and had Yael refine a pill. With the aid of the pill’s effect, Skylar finally awakened.

He was dumbfounded by the sight of everything in his field of vision, utterly perplexed because he had no idea what was happening.

Taking in Eamon’s dazed appearance, Cameron knitted his brows slightly and immediately turned to look at Yael. Surely, we couldn’t have revived Elder Nesser only for him to be a fool?

Yael quickly explained, “Mr. Nesser, Elder Nesser has been here for thousands of years. Everything has changed, and he couldn’t possibly recognize any of you. Now that he has just been resurrected and awakened, it’s not surprising he’s in this state. You need to let Elder Nesser rest well, then explain everything to him including the family tree. He will gradually wrap his mind around the circumstances.”

Clarity washed over Cameron after he listened to Yael’s elaboration. He hastily dismissed everyone and personally helped Eamon to get some rest. Skylar went with the flow and allowed himself to be led away.


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