The Mans Decree Chapter 2608

The Mans Decree Chapter 2608-Sigurd was livid, having been ignored. The intensity of his aura rose, but just before he could make his move, Kai stopped him.

“Doctors are benevolent people who only regard the people who seek their service as patients. Do you treat patients based on their identities? If that’s the case, then I’m not going to seek treatment here.”

Kai raised his voice on purpose.

Right after he finished his sentence, a hoarse elderly voice came from the room.

“Doctors are benevolent people, huh? Let them in…”

The young man had no choice but to move to the side.

Kai followed Sigurd inside, only to find a hunched-back elderly man in a robe that had faded in color. The latter had a grey beard and a weary gaze.

Kai was slightly surprised to see Ghaylen, for he appeared older than Sigurd’s mentor.

Sigurd went forward and greeted respectfully, “Mr. Samoll!”

Ghaylen nodded in response. “Take a seat.”

Kai and Sigurd took their seats, and Ghaylen scrutinized Kai. “Young man, you said you’re here to seek treatment, right? But your breathing is steady and your complexion is great. You don’t look sick.”

Kai chuckled lightly. “I’m actually here to treat you.”

His words shocked Sigurd and Ghaylen.

Ghaylen asked with a frown, “What? Are you perhaps an alchemist, too?”

“Mr. Samoll, J-Kai’s an alchemist as well, and his medical skills are incredible,” said Sigurd hurriedly.

“Oh? I’d like to see how incredible he is. If you’re here to treat me, tell me what kind of sickness I have.”

“You have fennel pondweed burning in your room. I can smell it from outside. Fennel pondweed is used to remove poison. You have a lifeless look in your eyes. Although your breathing is steady, every breath you take in has a slight echo. If I’m right, you’re poisoned and don’t have long to live. In fact, most of your body should be rotting already, am I right?” Kai said with a smile.

Ghaylen’s expression changed and his brows were knitted into a tight frown.

“Who are you, young man? How do you know so much about me? Did Hosen send you here to set me up? Tell you what. Whether or not I’m poisoned, I’ll never tell him how to open the medicinal treasury. Tell him to give up! Unless the supreme elder shows himself and personally gives me the order, I’ll bring the secret to my grave and never tell Hosen about it. Get lost, both of you. It’ll be too late for you to leave if I lose my temper,” Ghaylen fumed.

Kai chuckled lightly. “I’m actually here to treat you.”

Knowing Ghaylen had gotten the wrong idea, Sigurd quickly explained, “Mr. Samoll, you’ve got it wrong. We’re actually—”

Alas, Ghaylen had no intentions of hearing Sigurd out. With a wave of his hand, the air in the room shook, and a powerful aura zipped toward Kai and Sigurd.

The aura was like a ferocious wave that enveloped Kai and Sigurd in it.

Sigurd paled. He had never expected Ghaylen to become so violent and unleash an attack without a warning.

The power of the aura of a cultivator at Third Level Body Fusion Realm left no room for the disciple to retaliate.


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