The Mans Decree Chapter 2612

The Mans Decree Chapter 2612-Kai turned his attention to Ghaylen, who confirmed with a nod. “Exactly. You need to complete the inner court’s assessment before you can select your master. If you don’t pass, you can’t become a disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect.”
At Ghaylen’s confirmation, Kai gestured for Sigurd to wait outside. “I’ll join you once I’ve treated Mr. Samoll.”
Sigurd nodded in response and then left the room.
Kai placed the herbs inside the Divine Cauldron, and soon a blazing spiritual fire was lit inside.
A pleasant fragrance from the Divine Cauldron wafted in the air.
Ghaylen was astonished by Kai’s alchemy technique, but he had no doubt about Kai’s skills since he was able to present the Divine Cauldron before him.
After a little over an hour, the flames inside the Divine Cauldron gradually died out, revealing a brownish-green pill.

Kai took out the pill. “Mr. Samoll, take this pill and rest for a few days. It’ll help expel the poison from your body.”
Ghaylen took the pill and carefully examined it, but he could not discern anything special about it. It did not appear to be a miraculous medicine capable of curing him since the aura it exuded was not particularly strong.
“Look! There’s a Spirit Cloud in the sky,” someone from outside suddenly exclaimed just as Ghaylen remained doubtful.
Together with Kai, Ghaylen walked out of the room and noticed that many disciples were looking up.
There, a resplendent and colorful Spirit Cloud adorned the sky, emitting an alluring glow.
“What a beautiful Spirit Cloud! How can this happen? Did someone in the sect make a high-level pill?” Ghaylen asked with surprise, gazing at the celestial display.
“Mr. Samoll, my master is not around. Who else can make a high-level pill? Even Mr. Erdell’s alchemy skills might not be as good as mine,” Sigurd replied, also looking up at the Spirit Cloud.
Ghaylen, too, was confused, but soon, a realization dawned on him. He turned his attention to the pill in his hand and stared at Kai in shock.
“Could the Spirit Cloud be…” Ghaylen could not even speak properly.
Kai merely smiled faintly, neither confirming nor denying anything.
However, Ghaylen had figured out that the Spirit Cloud was created by Kai.

Without hesitation, he swallowed the pill.
The appearance of such a splendid Spirit Cloud indicated that the pill Kai produced was extraordinary.
Meanwhile, within the confines of Emerald Cauldron Sect, Ebenez Erdell, the sect’s second elder, looked toward the dilapidated house and at the magnificent multicolored Spirit Cloud hovering above it. He knitted his brows and murmured to himself, “Ghaylen’s alchemy skills have progressed at an astonishing pace. To produce such a beautiful Spirit Cloud, he must have refined an exceptional pill. I should inform Senior about this.”
After successfully concocting the pill for Ghaylen, Kai followed Sigurd to the base of Emerald Cauldron Sect.
With Sigurd leading the way, no one obstructed their path.
As they entered, they passed by numerous buildings, which housed disciples who failed to make it into the inner court of Emerald Cauldron Sect.
These individuals, who were not the sect’s official disciples, could only perform the dirtiest and most tiring tasks, hoping to pass the assessment one day and make it to the inner circle.
Kai could not help but notice that Sigurd was a highly ranked disciple who relished in his status and the admiration of the other disciples, especially the females. However, with Kai around, Sigurd promptly dismissed all the female disciples to prevent any attention from diverting to Kai.


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