The Mans Decree Chapter 2616

The Mans Decree Chapter 2616-Upon entering the evaluation site, Kai scanned his surroundings and noticed that the arcane array he was in was a simple offensive array. Since it wasn’t particularly strong, Kai continued forward nonchalantly.
Just as he took a few steps, rays of spiritual light appeared in the air and shot at him.
Nonetheless, the smirking Kai threw them a glance before walking ahead, ignoring the spiritual lights’ attacks.
Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!
Upon impact, the spiritual lights bounced off Kai and didn’t land a scratch on him.
He didn’t even need to deploy Golem Body at all. Such weak offensive arcane arrays weren’t capable of piercing through his skin.
If the shots were powerful enough to hurt him, the other disciples who participated in the evaluation would probably not have survived.
Meanwhile, outside the evaluation site, there was a smooth piece of rock that displayed Kai’s current condition. It was a measure to prevent anyone from cheating during the test.
The sight of Kai ignoring the attacks of the offensive arcane array and walking leisurely forward blew Ebenez’s mind.

He gaped at Kai with disbelief written all over his face.
After all, many disciples had failed in the first level which was a test of agility. One was supposed to dodge the attacks instead of bearing the brunt with one’s own body.
Consequently, this was the very first time Ebenez witnessed someone bulldoze through the level in such a manner.
Unlike Ebenez, Sigurd wasn’t surprised at all, for he had felt first-hand how strong Kai’s physical body was.
“D*mn it! What a strange kid.”
While speaking, Ebenez injected a flash of white light into the arcane array.
He attempted to adjust its difficulty level in order to increase the intensity of the attacks, essentially making the evaluation harder for Kai.
Obviously, his ability to tamper with the evaluation was exactly the reason why participants bribed him with gifts.
“Mr. Erdell, what are you—”
Sigurd attempted to stop Ebenez upon realizing what the latter was doing.
“Shut up and get out of my way. Why are sticking your nose in when he isn’t your master’s disciple?”
Cowed by the glare Ebenez shot him, Sigurd backed down in fear.
However, Kai continued to ram his way through with no regard for the attacks even though Ebenez had tuned them to the highest intensity.
Given that the impact from the attacks felt like a scratch to Kai, any change in intensity was barely going to make a difference.
While Ebenez was still dumbfounded by the turn of events, Kai emerged from the site and dusted the first off his body. “All right. I’ve cleared it. I don’t think it took more than ten minutes, did it?”

As Ebenez was mired in shock, Sigurd replied on his behalf, “No, you only took eight minutes.”
“In that case, have I passed the evaluation? Am I now a disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect?” Kai asked.
“Technically, yes, but…”
Before finishing his sentence, Sigurd looked toward Ebenez.
Only after the latter had given his approval and issued a token could Kai be considered an official disciple of the sect’s inner court and enjoy its privileges.
“Mr. Erdell, has he passed the evaluation?” Sigurd asked the stunned Ebenez.
“Huh?” Upon being jolted back to his senses, the latter nodded. “I guess so…”
“In that case, I’ll be heading off now.”
Kai planned to leave the mountain to see Ghaylen. He had wanted to learn more about Emerald Cauldron Sect’s medicinal treasury.
“Wait,” Ebenez called out to Kai abruptly just as he turned around.
“Didn’t I pass the evaluation? What else is there?” Kai inquired.


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