The Mans Decree Chapter 2618

The Mans Decree Chapter 2618-Holding the pill, Kai walked over to Ebenez and said, “Take a look at this. Is it a Level Five pill? Does it fulfill the requirements?”

Ebenez was taken aback. He took the pill and carefully examined it, only to discover it was a Level Five pill indeed. It’s absolutely perfect! But it only took him a few short minutes, and he didn’t even perform the alchemy process in the correct order. How could he chuck spiritual fire straight into the herbs and set it on fire? In order to make pills, we need to boil the herbs down until it becomes a thick and sticky paste, then slowly cook the essence in it with spiritual fire. The final step is to condense the essence to form a pill. It’s a slow and complicated process. One has to do it one step at a time. But how did he do it using so little time and effort?

“Did you have this pill kept hidden on you from the start? How could anyone make a Level Five pill so quickly? Also, how could someone make it without following the correct procedures and just by using a little spiritual fire?” Ebenez was adamant that Kai had no knowledge of alchemy and had prepared his pill beforehand, only to whip it out at that moment as though performing a magic trick.

Seeing Ebenez doubt him, Kai sneered, “Don’t assume that something you can’t do is impossible for others too. You can’t do it because you’re an idiot. Even if you had a cauldron and herbs, you might not be able to make a Level Five pill so quickly.”

His words bore no trace of politeness, and he sounded angry.

“You…” Ebenez was left speechless by Kai’s retort. He flung the pill onto the floor. No one wants such a low-grade pill!

He felt a twinge of regret, thinking he should have asked Kai to make a high-level pill. I thought that since he was a new member of Emerald Cauldron Sect, it’d trigger dissatisfaction if I asked him for a high-level pill since that would’ve been impossible. That’s why I asked him to make a Level Five pill. But now, it appears that not only has he mastered the Impenetrable Skill, but he also possesses unique alchemy skills!

“Does this mean I’ve passed the assessment and am now an Emerald Cauldron Sect disciple?” Kai asked him.

Although Ebenez was furious, he had made a promise. Now that Kai had passed the assessment, he could not go back on his word.

“Not bad. You’re now a disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s inner court.” After saying that, he tossed a token at Kai, then turned to leave. He would only continue to be embarrassed if he still did not make his exit.

Sigurd turned to Kai and said, “Mr. Chance, Mr. Erdell is a petty man, and his disciple, Bilius, is particularly vengeful. If he finds out you insulted Mr. Erdell, there’s no doubt he’ll make things difficult for you.”

“What’s there to be scared of? Aren’t you Emerald Cauldron Sect’s principal disciple? Are you saying that guy isn’t even afraid of you?” Kai knew Sigurd held a high position within the sect. With Sigurd around, who would dare to cause trouble for him?

Sigurd’s face flushed slightly. “To be honest, he isn’t afraid of me. He always said that I stole his position as the principal disciple and has been fighting with me to become the sect’s future heir.”

“Say what?” Kai was stunned and only grasped the situation after listening to Sigurd’s explanation. Bilius had joined as Ebenez’s disciple long before Sigurd came into the picture. However, after Sigurd became Hosen’s disciple, and the latter eventually became the sect’s leader, Sigurd’s position rose along with Hosen’s. That was how he ended up becoming the sect’s principal disciple.

However, that position was rightfully Bilius’ as he had joined the sect much earlier. Unfortunately for him, he was Ebenez’s disciple and not Hosen’s. Otherwise, the position of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s principal disciple would not have fallen to Sigurd.

All this was why Bilius looked down on Sigurd and insisted on using the same title for himself. In an attempt to prevent the two from locking horns, the sect had sent Bilius away so there would be fewer chances for them to meet, thus leading to fewer conflicts.


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