The Mans Decree Chapter 2620

The Mans Decree Chapter 2620-Kai removed the slip of paper. Upon unfolding it, he learned that the pretty bird had come from Imperial Beast City and that the note was written by Ivasha.

She told him that the Mole Monster from Imperial Beast City had never stolen from the village and that it was likely the beasts from other cities who did; thievery was strictly not allowed in Yuven’s kingdom.

As it was not Imperial Beast City, it was very likely the doing of Mole Monsters from Norwal City. Kai prayed that the Mole Monster who had stolen the Divine Bow was not aware of its true value.

Since he had no means of heading to Norwal City for a proper investigation, the only thing he could do was to take care of things in Emerald Cauldron Sect and increase his power before heading off to search for the Divine Bow.

Kai sent the bird back, then shut his window in preparation for another bout of cultivation.

Kai did not emerge from his room over the following three days. His meals were brought to him. He sat in silence and waited for the medicinal pool to be opened.

That day, Kai had just settled himself down to cultivate as was his custom when a commotion came outside his door. The noise of people quarreling roused him from his concentration, so he went outside.

Kai found Ghaylen’s disciples—about a dozen of them—gathered in the yard. Zebediah Fangleston was scolding them.

“What are you all afraid of? Why won’t you come with me to the sect? We’re the disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect, too, you know. Why would you balk at the idea of going?” he yelled.

“You know very well why, Zebediah. We get such a lambasting every time we go. It’s humiliating.”

“Exactly. They flung the water they washed their feet in at me the last time, and I did not dare utter a word in protest for fear of them cutting our rations.”

“We’re not timid. We’re just unable to stand up for ourselves.”

As the disciples spoke, one of them began sobbing bitterly. Zebediah sighed, not knowing what to do.

“What’s going on?” Kai walked over.

Zebediah quickly dispersed the group when he saw Kai approaching. “Nothing, Mr. Chance. I’m trying to get this bunch to come to the sect with me and pick up their rations, but not one of them wants to.”

Kai froze. “Rations?”

“That’s right. Though the sect’s resources are off-limits, some of the daily necessities are given to us as we need them to survive. However, the rules of the sect dictate that we can only collect them once every seven days, but whenever we do, the disciples of the other elders would humiliate us. That’s the reason why they won’t come with me,” Zebediah explained, somewhat embarrassed.

“Then I’ll come with you,” Kai offered.

“No! How could you be stooping to do such things, Mr. Chance? Master will scold me if he finds out.”

Zebediah flapped his hands in horror.

Kai is Mr. Samoll’s savior. How could he dirty his hands like that?

“It’s fine. I live here for free, anyway. This is the least I could do. Let’s go.”

Kai patted Zebediah on the shoulder.

Helpless to say no, Zebediah nodded in response and followed Kai toward Emerald Cauldron Sect.

As its disciples, Kai and the others went unhindered into the sect. After passing through the outer doors, they arrived at a building where there were many other disciples standing in line at the moment.

“These disciples must be here to take their rations as well, but they’re free to come every day and stock up on whatever they need, but not us. We’re only allowed to come once every seven days and are restricted to quotas and selection! We’re all disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect, but since Hosen became leader of the sect, our days have been rough,” Zebediah grumbled with a sigh.


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