The Mans Decree Chapter 2623

The Mans Decree Chapter 2623-“Listen to Bilius, brethren, and bring the things in. He is our true chief disciple.” shouted the fellow who was just beaten, then took the initiative to begin moving.

Seeing this, the others began to lend a helping hand. Soon, the rations that were just moved out were moved back in again.

Sigurd was purple with rage, but he could not do a thing against them as they were Ebenez’s disciples, who would undoubtedly not take it kindly if he were to lay a finger on them.

Though Sigurd was the chief disciple in Hosen’s absence, Ebenez was somebody he did not dare cross.

Sigurd shot Kai a helpless glance, indicating that he had done the best he could; Bilius’ return had been an unexpected turn of events.

Bilius smirked when Sigurd conceded. As he struck the triumphant pose of a victor, he turned to Kai and Zebediah. “Remember, you’d best be treating me with more respect when you come asking for rations again. I can have you severely dealt with with a single command. Why would you bring a worthless idiot like that? He couldn’t even help you collect your rations!”

Sigurd was so enraged by Bilius’ words that he was shaking.

Zebediah, on the other hand, remained silent. Given Bilius’ appearance and Sigurd’s presence, it was not his place to speak.

Though he was also Ghaylen’s disciple, there was no place in Emerald Cauldron Sect for them.

“We’re only here for what is rightfully ours, and we don’t have to be respectful to anybody. You’d better bring them out,” Kai told Bilius calmly.

Bilius froze, then swept his glance up and down Kai. “Oh,” he exclaimed suddenly, as though having just recalled something. “You’re the idiot who had recently sworn allegiance to Mr. Samoll, aren’t you? Haven’t you seen what his disciples look like? Why would you still take him to be your master? I heard from my master that you put on a dazzling display during your test. You may take the rations. All you have to do is show me whether or not you’re worthy of it. What power could you possibly possess to disrespect my master during your test?”

Bilius’ meaning could not be plainer: he was going to avenge Ebenez.

Sigurd had mentioned that Bilius was a vengeful fellow who challenged Kai the moment he returned.

“Are you challenging me to a duel?” Kai asked with a faint smile.

“That’s right. Would you dare accept?” Bilius gave Kai a provocative stare.

“Why not? Pardon my crude language, but if I beat the sh*t out of you, you only have yourself to blame, all right?” Kai said with a laugh.

“Hah! You’re as brazen as Master said.”

Bilius let out a roar of laughter. “Yes, you are preemptively absolved of any blame if you could kill me. If I kill you, however, Mr. Samoll will not find trouble with me.”

Kai nodded. “Naturally. We’ll each be subjected to our own fates.”

“Mr. Chance…”

Zebediah tugged Kai’s sleeve lightly. As he was unaware of the true extent of Kai’s power, he did not wish Kai to take the risk.

Kai merely smiled. “Don’t worry. I can single-handedly deal with him.”

Kai was not boasting. He did only require one hand to take care of Bilius.

Even Bilius’ master, Ebenez, would have a hard time besting Kai.

“You should spare Bilius’ life, Mr. Chance, or it’ll cause trouble down the line,” Sigurd whispered to Kai.

He was aware of Kai’s abilities. Though it would be easy to deal with Bilius, he was worried that Ebenez would not let the matter slide if Kai killed Bilius.

Emerald Cauldron Sect will be subjected to chaos, which will make it all the more difficult for Kai to enter the medicinal pool.


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