The Mans Decree Chapter 2624

The Mans Decree Chapter 2624-“I know what I’m doing.” Kai smiled faintly. Then, he turned to Bilius. “Where should we compete?”

“Let’s do it here. There’s no need to move the fight to the arena since it won’t take long to defeat you. Going to the arena would be a hassle,” Bilius replied confidently.

He never anticipated a disciple who had just joined the sect and apprenticed under Ghaylen would be formidable.

“You’re right. The fight won’t take long, so this place is indeed suitable,” Kai chirped.

Bilius waved his hand. The next second, everyone stepped back, clearing a spacious area for Kai and Bilius.

Ebenez’s disciples watched intently with gleaming eyes, eager to witness how Bilius would overpower and triumph over Kai.

At that moment, other disciples also hurried over. After all, such a contest hadn’t taken place within Emerald Cauldron Sect for quite some time.

Since Bilius was banished to another location, no one in Emerald Cauldron Sect had sparred internally.

Now that the showdown was occurring, everyone’s interest and excitement were piqued.

Bilius stared at Kai, and his aura started to surge rapidly, quickly reaching the status of a Top Level Manifestor.

Many disciples were shocked when they sensed Bilius’ aura.

Even Sigurd knitted his brows slightly at that realization as Bilius’ strength was obviously surpassing his soon.

“Did you all think I lazed around all those years outside? I’ve been training hard every day! I returned to the sect this time with the intention of using the medicinal pool to break through the Manifestor Realm and attain the Body Fusion Realm!” Bilius declared haughtily.

His worse were clearly meant for Sigurd.

“Why are you talking so much? Didn’t you say you won’t take long to defeat me? I won’t even retaliate. If you can win against me within ten movies, I’ll consider this victory yours.” Kai clasped his hands behind his back.

The reason he chose not to go on the offensive was to avoid revealing too much of his capabilities. He figured it would be best for him to keep a low profile before the opening of the medicinal pool.

Hearing that, Bilius instantly sneered, “Brat, you’re truly arrogant. Forget about ten moves. If I can’t knock you down within three moves, I lose. I’ll even return you twice the amount of resources belonging to Mr. Samoll and his disciples.”

“No problem. Hurry up. I have other things to attend to. I’m quite busy,” Kai said while grinning at Bilius.

The crowd widened their eyes in astonishment, seeing Kai planning to endure Bilius’ attacks head-on with his hands behind his back. A Top Level Manifestor has the capability to destroy a hill with one punch. Who would dare to withstand the attack directly?

“Brat, you will regret this!” Bilius bellowed and instantly launched himself at Kai.

Immediately afterward, he swung his fist at Kai with all his might.

Kai didn’t dodge or hide, standing calmly in his spot and not even bothering to activate Golem Body.


Bilius’ punch smashed into Kai’s chest, the immense force generating an ear-splitting noise.

Kai’s body swayed slightly, and he stepped back with his right foot to stabilize himself.

Bilius, on the other hand, felt as if he had hit a steel plate with his fist. Kai’s physical robustness seemed to exceed his expectations.

His right arm trembled, and the tremendous recoil even made his bleed.

“You’re a Top Level Manifestor, not bad. That’s one move now.” Kai retracted his right foot. Kai’s remark, which sounded like a compliment, felt more like an insult to Bilius.

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, Bilius, a Top Level Manifestor, failed to cause Kai the slightest harm, even as the latter stood still, let alone knock him down.

They looked at Kai in great surprise. Zebediah was all the more astounded. He only knew Kai’s alchemy skills were extraordinary, but he didn’t expect Kai’s physique to be so sturdy as well. Even a punch from a Top Level Manifestor couldn’t break Kai’s defense and injure him.

“Brat, don’t get too full of yourself. I only used fifty percent of my strength just now to prevent you from dying too tragically. Unexpectedly, your physique is quite tough. I won’t go easy on you anymore for my subsequent punch!”

Bilius hurriedly found an excuse for himself to avoid the embarrassment, then swiftly exerted his full power.


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