The Mans Decree Chapter 2625

The Mans Decree Chapter 2625-Taking in Bilius’ demeanor, Kai couldn’t help but curl his lips, his eyes filled with mockery and disdain.

Bilius’ anger intensified when he saw Kai’s facial expression. The next second, his fists glowed with dazzling light.

When Bilius threw a punch, a flash of blinding light erupted, prompting everyone to close their eyes instinctively.


A massive explosion sounded, much like the detonation of a bomb.

Upon hearing that sound, the crowd opened their eyes and saw Kai rooted in his spot, his body entirely unscathed.

Bilius, on the other hand, wasn’t doing fine. Blood trickled down his right wrist as the great recoil had completely shattered his purlicue.

Colors drained from Bilius’ countenance. He could sense everyone’s gazes on him.

“You have one move left. Shall we continue?” Kai looked at Bilius with a faint smile.

The muscles on Bilius’ face twitched continuously, and the murderous intent in his eyes amplified.

“Of course!”

He took two steps back. Then, his body began to swell, and he even grew taller on the spot.

Seeing that, Kai fathomed Bilius must have cultivated some form of power-augmenting technique. Nevertheless, he was unfazed.

“Be careful, Mr. Chance. This is the ultimate move practiced by Mr. Erdell and his disciples, Limitless Strength!” Zebediah reminded Kai loudly.

Meanwhile, Sigurd, standing at one side, also clenched his fists, planning to step in at the critical moment.

Although Kai was stronger than Bilius, Sigurd didn’t know if Kai could withstand being hit without retaliating.

If Kai were killed, he wouldn’t survive either, as his bodily spirit was still in Kai’s hands.

He couldn’t stand idly and watch Kai die.

“Don’t worry,” Kai chirped confidently.

“Brat, you’re the first in Emerald Cauldron Sect to force me to use my ultimate skill.” After saying that, Bilius leaped up and extended his leg to kick Kai’s head.

This time, Bilius didn’t use his hands, nor did he target Kai’s body again. Instead, he used his leg to attack the latter’s head.

It seemed like he was determined to do away with Kai. After all, who could endure a ferocious kick from a Top Level Manifestor while standing still without suffering any injuries?

Noticing Bilius was trying to kill Kai by directly aiming at his head, Zebediah was astounded.

At the same time, Sigurd’s aura burst forth, and he was about to interfere in the fight.

However, Kai narrowed his eyes as a cold glint flitted across his gaze. “None of you are allowed to move.”

Kai told Zebediah and Sigurd to stay back, not allowing them to intervene, while his body shone with golden light as he activated Golem Body. Instantaneously, dazzling golden scales covered his entire figure.

At that instant, Kai resembled a golden-armored war god, exuding righteous energy and standing unmoving in his spot.

Bilius was slightly taken aback to see the changes in Kai’s outward form. Still, he had launched his kick attack and could no longer stop it at that point, so he mustered all his might to boot Kai’s head.


That kick could smash even a body made of iron into smithereens.

However, when the blow struck Kai’s head, all that happened to him was staggering three steps back. His head didn’t explode, and his brain matter didn’t splatter.

Bilius felt his leg turning numb. He landed on the ground in utter astonishment, barely able to keep his balance.

He genuinely didn’t expect Kai’s head could also be so hard. He was unable to break Kai’s defense even with his ultimate skill.

“Three moves are up. You can hand over the resources now,” Kai said while staring impassively at Bilius.

Bilius stood frozen in his spot, stumped and dumbfounded.

Everyone else also fell silent. Bilius, their eldest senior who was exceptionally strong, had actually lost. He failed to cause the slightest injury to Kai even when the latter stayed still and took the beating.

The difference in their capabilities was simply insurmountable. The crowd was baffled by Kai’s cultivation level for him to possess such a monstrous physique.


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