The Mans Decree Chapter 2626

The Mans Decree Chapter 2626-“What’s the matter? If you can’t accept this, I’ll let you make three moves first,” Kai said with a sneer when he heard nothing from Bilius.

“No need for that! I’ll accept my defeat as it is,” Bilius snippily said before waving his hand. “Bring the supplies out.”

“Do remember that it’s two sets,” Kai uttered, waving two fingers at Bilius.

Bilius had a scowl on his face. He had embarrassed himself in the sect, and it was unlikely he would be shameless enough to fight for the position of the seniormost disciple with Sigurd.

“Take two sets,” Bilius gritted out before turning to Kai. “You’re not going to get out of this. Once the medicinal pool is open, I’ll come and fight you again.”

Once the medicinal pool was opened, Bilius would be able to achieve a breakthrough from Manifestor and reach the Body Fusion Realm. Upgrading to a different cultivation level would mean wielding far more power.

“Anytime,” Kai responded. Then, lifting the supplies, he taunted, “But remember to bring some supplies when you come for a fight. I won’t fight you unless there are treasures to be won.”

“Of course,” were the words Bilius squeezed through his teeth.

Kai then went back with Zebediah and the supplies. When Ghaylen’s disciples saw the amount of supplies that was brought back, they were elated.

In the meantime, Zebediah enthusiastically told the other disciples what happened.

When they heard that Kai had won the supplies by taking on Bilius’ attacks without getting hurt, their gazes were filled with awe and reverence.

After all, besides the elders and the lord, Bilius was the most powerful individual in Emerald Cauldron Sect.

Yet, Kai had been able to withstand his attacks without budging and without getting hurt.

“Mr. Chance…”

Right then, Ghaylen, who had been in the room the entire time and had overheard the conversation outside, opened the door to call out Kai’s name.

“Mr. Samoll.” Kai quickly went over to him. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Mr. Chance, you’re excellent in alchemy. In fact, I’m sure you’re just a step away from mastering it. Could I please trouble you to guide me on alchemy?” Ghaylen politely queried.

After all, everyone had their own ways of alchemy, and people would keep their methods a secret. Moreover, Ghaylen and Kai were not from the same sect—Ghaylen did not know if Kai would be willing to share his methods, and that was why he had to ask Kai about it.

“Of course. If you don’t mind my parlor tricks, I’d be more than happy to impart my knowledge to you,” Kai responded readily.

To Kai, alchemy was a technique used to cure illnesses and save lives. Ghaylen was a man who practiced medicine, so if he were to improve in his alchemy, perhaps he could save more people.

Ghaylen was taken aback by Kai’s swift agreement. After a moment of blinking in a daze, he merrily replied, “Thank you, Mr. Chance! Please come with me. Let’s find somewhere more private so we can talk about the details.”

Ghaylen then led Kai out of the room toward the peak of a mountain.

Kai was baffled, unsure of where Ghaylen was taking him, but he did not voice his confusion and simply followed the older man.

Just as they were about to reach the top of the mountain, Ghaylen led him to a rock wall and knocked thrice on it. Much to Kai’s surprise, the wall started moving to reveal the entrance to a cave.

He never thought that Ghaylen would have more secrets of his own.

“Mr. Chance, please come in.”

Ghaylen then led Kai into the cave. The inside was illuminated with multiple torches, and there were various basic necessities lying around, as well as some top-quality herbs.

“Mr. Samoll, is this your secret base?” asked Kai curiously.

However, Ghaylen shook his head and clarified, “This place doesn’t belong to me—it belongs to Ms. Viola.”

“Ms. Viola?” Kai stiffened. He never expected Ghaylen to secretly keep a woman in the cave.


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