The Mans Decree Chapter 2628

The Mans Decree Chapter 2628-“Mr. Chance, there’s no need to worry about that. If you have to take off her clothes, then do it. At most, you’ll be glancing at her body. Nothing else matters as long as she wakes up. Come to me if you need any herbs. If we don’t have the herbs here, I’ll go and ask for them from the sect’s warehouse,” Ghaylen told him.

“No, that’s fine. The herbs in here will suffice. However, I’ll probably need a few days to do this, so I’ll have to trouble you to keep vigil during this period,” Kai replied.

“That’s not a problem,” Ghaylen quickly answered.

Kai then took out his Divine Cauldron and selected some herbs before burning them in the cauldron. Wisps of smoke and hints of medicinal fragrance rose from the cauldron in no time.

Then, Kai lifted Viola’s body and gently took off her clothes.

At that, Ghaylen exited the room to stand guard outside instead.

After shedding all of Viola’s clothes, Kai lifted her with his spiritual energy and made her hover above the Divine Cauldron, letting the smoke of the herbs shroud her.

Meanwhile, Bilius, who Kai had humiliated in public, was getting berated by his master.

Bilius’ embarrassing moment had brought shame to the rest of Ebenez’s disciples, so even Ebenez himself felt disgraced.

Despite being the seniormost disciple of Ebenez, Bilius had been humiliated by someone who just joined Emerald Cauldron Sect. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bilius had failed to even make his opponent budge, let alone defeat him. It was the worst humiliation they had suffered.

“Master, that guy named Kai has an extremely sturdy physique. Moreover, he was protected by magical items in his possession. That was why I failed to defeat him,” Bilius mumbled, his head hanging.


Ebenez gave Bilius a harsh slap across the face.

“Are you f*cking stupid? I already told you about the sturdy quality of that man, and yet, you still agreed to take him on. He was standing still because he knew that you won’t be able to do anything to him! He doesn’t think of you as a threat at all. But he won’t attack you. He knows that he doesn’t have a high cultivation level. If he launches any attack, he’ll be utilizing too much of his spiritual energy, and he’ll end up losing to you. I didn’t think that you’d be stupid enough to fall for his trap! You’re an idiot!”

Ebenez’s fury boiled over, and he launched two swift kicks at Bilius.

It was then Bilius realized that his master was right. If he had not boasted that he would be able to defeat Kai in three moves and taunted Kai into attacking him instead, Kai would have been at a disadvantage not long into the fight.

“You’re right, Master. I’ll look for him for a rematch. I’m going to salvage my reputation…” Bilius announced, ready to engage in another match with Kai.

“Wait!” Ebenez stopped Bilius. “I know you’ve come back this time because of the imminent opening of the medicinal pool; you’re here to achieve a breakthrough. I have a pill with me, and you’ll be able to achieve a breakthrough in your current cultivation level to reach the Body Fusion Realm if you consume it. Look for that lad only after you reach the Body Fusion Realm. That way, you’ll have a higher chance of succeeding.”

As Ebenez spoke, he took out a pill. The pill was dark and was as large as the size of a fist.

Bilius’ face lit up with delight as his gaze fell upon the pill. “Master, isn’t this the Elementum Totum Pill? It’s our sect’s cherished treasure! Without Mr. Holt’s explicit permission, it’s forbidden to even lay a finger on it.”

“Are you going to eat it or not? I’m the second elder of Emerald Cauldron Sect who is in charge of the rationing of the sect’s resources. Do I have to ask for Hosen’s permission just for an Elementum Totum Pill?” Ebenez retorted in displeasure.

“No, no, no. Of course not. I’ll eat it. I’ll eat it right away.”

Bilius then took the Elementum Totum Pill and ate it.

As the night went by, Bilius finally achieved a breakthrough into the Body Fusion Realm. A surge of pride welled up within him.

Meanwhile, within Sigurd’s mansion, Sigurd gazed up at the sky above Bilius’ residence. Drifting thunderclouds painted their way across, accompanied by resounding peals of thunder. He recognized these phenomena as the telltale signs of someone breaking through into the Body Fusion Realm.


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