The Mans Decree Chapter 2630

The Mans Decree Chapter 2630-Seeing Bilius’ reaction, Sigurd snorted coldly. With the sect leader token in hand, he made to head into the warehouse.
Bilius wanted to stop him yet dared not do so.
“How high and mighty you are with your master’s sect leader token, Sigurd!”
At that precise moment, Ebenez slowly walked over.
The sight of him had Sigurd hastily put on a smile and deny, “I’d never dare act in such a manner before you, Mr. Erdell.”
“Sigurd, the fact that your master entrusted the warehouse to my care is proof that he trusts me. Are you suspecting me of embezzlement that you came here to conduct an inspection with the sect leader token today? I don’t mind allowing you in to do so, but if your search yields no results, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy,” Ebenez uttered icily, his expression chilly.
At that, Sigurd hurriedly explained, “You misunderstood, Mr. Erdell. How would I dare investigate you? I merely passed by and wanted to go in for a look. Never mind, forget I ever asked to do so. Just forget about it.”

He swiftly flashed the man a smile before spinning on his heel and leaving.
When he had left, Ebenez turned his gaze to Bilius. “Now that you’ve broken through to the Body Fusion Realm, you can recoup your pride. If Ghaylen dares to intervene, come back and inform me about it. How would we survive in Emerald Cauldron Sect if we allow them to pick on us?”
“Don’t worry, Master. I’ll definitely recoup my pride this time!”
Having said that, Bilius charged down the mountain with a few other disciples of Ebenez’s.
Right then, Zebediah was treating the nearby villagers at Ghaylen’s base.
Since his master was away, he took over the man’s job and treated the nearby villagers for free. Meanwhile, the other disciples refined pills or went into the mountains close by to gather herbs.
After all, resources like herbs were scarcely allocated to Ghaylen and his disciples.
As Zebediah was treating the villagers, Bilius suddenly barged in with some men and chased off everyone who was there to seek treatment.
The instant he saw that it was Bilius, he promptly shot to his feet and demanded, “What’s the meaning of you coming here and kicking my patients out, Bilius?”
“How much money could these lowly peasants have, Zebediah? Treating them is a waste of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s resources. Anyway, where’s that kid named Kai? Get him to show himself. I want to have a duel with him!” Bilius declared.
“Mr. Chance isn’t here. He has gone elsewhere,” Zebediah replied.
“Gone elsewhere? Who are you trying to fool? If you don’t get him to come out, I’ll be getting physical with the lot of you.”

While saying that, Bilius unleashed his Body Fusion Realm’s aura. It instantly overwhelmed Zebediah and the others to the point that they had difficulty breathing.
Zebediah sensed the terrifying aura emanating from the man, and his eyes brimmed with horror. He had never expected Bilius to have already broken through Top Level Manifestor.
“Mr. Chance is really not here. He has gone out with my master,” he asserted.
“Mr. Samoll isn’t here either?” A grin curved Bilius’ lips. Subsequently, he stated, “When Kai comes back, tell him that I want to duel with him again! He humiliated me, so I want to recoup my pride. Also, you all had better remember your place and not speak ill of me behind my back.”
Right after he finished speaking, he waved a hand lightly. Immediately, an immense force crushed all the houses around them.
Overwhelmed by sheer panic, Zebediah and the other disciples stared in disbelief at the collapsed structures. Their living conditions were already modest, as they resided amidst the remnants of the old sect. Now, to their astonishment, Bilius had gone so far as to destroy even these few houses they had.
“You’ve gone too far, Bilius! I’m going to kill you!”
With a roar, Zebediah lunged at Bilius. Ghaylen’s other disciples followed suit.
Sneering, Bilius merely waved a hand airily. In a flash, Zebediah and the others were sent flying before landing on the ground heavily. The gap in capabilities was so vast that they could not even get close to the man.


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