The Mans Decree Chapter 2635

Chapter 2635 Seize Him
Similarly, Bilius hastily looked up. To his surprise, Kai was already above his head at some point in time.
Kai held the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand and unleashed Colossal Sword Energy. Countless rays of light shot out from the sword, but instead of aiming at Bilius directly, they targeted his residence.
Rumble! Boom!
Under the slashes of innumerable rays of light, Bilius’ residence started crumbling as many pillars snapped. The clouds of dust from the collapse of the house promptly smothered the crowd.
“Quick, run!” someone shouted.
Everyone rushed out at once, none wishing to be trapped under the ruins.
With a swing of his sword, Kai demolished Bilius’ residence completely, yet he was seemingly dissatisfied and let out another loud cry. A golden ray of light shot into the sky and transformed into a golden dragon alongside the roar of a dragon.
Roaring, the golden dragon instantly destroyed all the houses connected to Bilius’ residence. Ebenez’s disciples lived there, so Kai wanted to ruin them all.
As it so happened, it was good manners to reciprocate. Since Bilius wrecked many houses belonging to Ghaylen’s disciples, it would be unfair if Kai merely laid waste to Bilius’ residence.
The crowd was wholly dumbfounded as they gaped at the sight before their eyes. As far as they remembered, such a thing had never happened in Emerald Cauldron Sect.
When Zebediah saw that Kai had lost control and destroyed all of Ebenez’s disciples’ houses, he knew that the matter had turned tricky.
He hurriedly sent someone to get Ghaylen, for the latter’s interference in the matter was then necessary.
After all, Ebenez would never let things slide when Kai had destroyed so many houses in the inner court.
Realizing that Kai wouldn’t stand a chance against the elder’s power, Zebediah sent someone to bring Ghaylen to their aid.
In less than a minute, not only was Bilius’ residence completely demolished, but the houses of Ebenez’s other disciples were also left in ruins.
Finally, the golden dragon slowly disappeared.
Staring at the mess in front of him, Bilius almost burst a blood vessel.
“I’m going to kill you, Kai! I’m going to rip you into pieces!” he screeched, his fury blazing increasingly hotter.
“Bring it on.” Kai had already destroyed the man’s residence, so his subsequent plan was to teach Bilius a lesson.
Bilius gritted his teeth. The Octo Ruler in his hand grew incessantly until it reached a foot long, and the eight emerald green gemstones on it started shimmering.
“Cut it out! Are you trying to destroy the entire inner court?”
Mere seconds before Bilius was going to make his move, a sudden shout rang out. On the heels of that, a figure approached.
Soon, Ebenez’s figure came into view. Rage radiated off him as the sight of the ruins came into view, and he unleashed the full force of the Third Level Body Fusion Realm.
“Master, this kid here demolished our residence and even injured our disciples!” Bilius snarled, pointing at Kai.
Just as he had said that, Ebenez struck him hard across the face.
“Couldn’t you stop him, you piece of trash? On top of that, you even wanted to make a move here. Were you trying to destroy all the buildings in the inner court?” Ebenez lambasted.
Hanging his head, Bilius went silent.
If he and Kai had really battled there, none of the buildings in the inner court would have escaped ruination.
After lecturing Bilius, Ebenez swung his eyes at Kai coldly. “As a disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect, how dare you beat up your fellow disciples openly in the inner court and destroy the residences here? You have no regard for the rules of Emerald Cauldron Sect! Today, I’ll punish you on behalf of Ghaylen and have you know the rules of Emerald Cauldron Sect!”
Then, he commanded, “Men, seize him and lock him in the water dungeon! No one is allowed to release him without my orders!”


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