The Mans Decree Chapter 2641

The Mans Decree Chapter 2641-Kai wasn’t scared to face those demon beasts because he had Golden Dragon’s True Form. In other words, he had the aura of a phoenix and draconic essence in his body.

All of a sudden, the aura within Kai’s body burst forth, and a golden dragon gradually manifested behind Kai.

In the next moment, the roar of a dragon echoed in the air.

The python that was dashing toward Kai saw the golden dragon and was stunned. Its eyes were even filled with terror.

After that, it immediately turned around and fled. The python disappeared in the blink of an eye, and the gemstone shining on Octo Ruler was also extinguished.

Silius froze on the spot as he was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events. What on earth happened? Why did the python retreat?

At that moment, Ghaylen and the others, who were on the high platform, were just as astonished.

“Mr. Chance has a golden dragon behind him! That’s not a real dragon, is it?” Zebediah was in utter disbelief.

Ghaylen kept mum and looked at Kai in stupefaction.

Seeing that Bilius was frozen to the spot, Ebenez shouted anxiously, “Bilius, what are you doing? That golden dragon is nothing but an illusion! Are you scared of it?”

The rules of the challenge said that the individuals outside of the arena weren’t allowed to give tips to the challengers or help the challengers in the arena.

Yet, Ebenez had just blatantly broken the rules.

Upon hearing Ebenez’s reminder, Bilius came back to his senses. However, the latter didn’t have time to react to a blinding white flash that zipped through the air.


In the next second, Bilius felt his cheek burning, and shortly after, half of his face had swelled up.

As it turned out, Kai had used his Dragonslayer Sword to slap Bilius across the face.

If Kai had slashed Bilius’ throat instead of slapping him, the latter would’ve died there and then.

Obviously, Kai had shown Bilius mercy. If Bilius were to surrender, the former would gladly let Bilius live.

However, Bilius’ face was swollen upon receiving the slap. He was too prideful to admit defeat. After all, he was humiliated because there were so many people watching.

Ebenez was also embarrassed. Livid, he roared, “Bilius, what’s the matter with you? You’re utter rubbish!”

Bilius became even angrier when he heard that. Hence, three green gemstones on his Octo Ruler lit up instantly.

Within moments, a cloud of black mist rose in the air, and under the mist were three demon beasts. Just like that, those demon beasts appeared in the arena.

The demon beasts roared ferociously. Not only did they have sharp claws and fangs, but they also carried a metallic stench of blood on their bodies.

Those demon beasts appeared to have been caged up in the Octo Ruler for a long time. They were all glaring at Kai with their shiny green eyes when they were summoned.

“Kai, I’m going to tear you to shreds! Bite him! Kill him!” Bilius roared through his gritted teeth.

With that, Bilius ordered the demon beasts to dash toward Kai.

Kai flashed a faint smile when he saw the three ferocious demon beasts rushing toward him. Right then, a golden light began radiating from his body, and the aura of the Power of Dragons and Phoenixes was unleashed at once.

The aura soon enveloped the entire arena. When those ferocious demon beasts sensed the aura, they froze on the spot. Soon, their eyes were also filled with fear.

“Get down!” Kai shouted at the demon beasts.

Upon hearing that, the demon beasts trembled all over and lay flat on the ground. The aura Kai was exuding was of a celestial beast, so that was why the demon beasts were terrified.

Bilius’ jaw dropped wide open as he was dumbfounded again when he saw Kai controlling the demon beasts with ease.


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