The Mans Decree Chapter 2642

The Mans Decree Chapter 2642-The crowd was also stupefied, and they were all staring in disbelief with their eyes widened. Those demon beasts looked bloodthirsty just moments ago! Why did they become so tamed all of a sudden? Why are they obeying Kai? This is unbelievable!

Even Ebenez and Ghaylen were flabbergasted, and they couldn’t understand what was happening before their eyes. The demon beasts caged in Octo Ruler are all extremely strong and brutal. Heck, only demon beasts of that caliber are qualified to be caged in Octo Ruler! For that reason, Octo Ruler is considered a divine weapon! Now, these ruthless demon beasts are obeying Kai! What on earth is happening?

“Go! Bite that idiot!” Kai instructed the demon beasts while pointing at Bilius.

The three demon beasts nodded, turned around, and charged toward Bilius mercilessly.

At that moment, Bilius was still in a daze, and he only regained his senses when he caught a whiff of the metallic stench of blood approaching.

“Retreat!” Bilius immediately waved Octo Ruler in the air. The gemstone lit up, and those three demon beasts were again caged up in Octo Ruler.

Bilius was sweating bullets. I was almost eaten alive by those demon beasts!

Right after he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, he saw a white ray of light flash across his eyes.


Once again, Kai slapped Bilius with his sword. The latter’s face was so swollen that one could hardly recognize him.

“Argh!” Bilius roared and wanted to attack Kai with his Octo Ruler.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Before Bilius could launch his attack, he was slapped by Kai repeatedly.

Needless to say, that scene caught everyone off guard.

Prior to that, everyone had no doubt Bilius could defeat Kai. After all, Bilius’ cultivation level was significantly higher than Kai’s, and the former had Octo Ruler in his grip. Absolutely no one had expected to see Kai winning the fight that comfortably.

Soon, Bilius’ face turned into a mess of bleeding flesh.

Ebenez’s face fell when he saw that. This is humiliating!

“Master, I didn’t expect Mr. Chance to be so strong. At first, I was really worried about him!” Zebediah exclaimed when he saw Kai dominating Bilius.

“This isn’t what I had expected, either. Who would’ve thought that Mr. Chance could be this powerful?” Ghaylen was equally astonished.

Sigurd, on the other hand, was keeping mum because he had fought Kai before. When we fought, I almost died!

“Are you surrendering? If you kneel before me and surrender now, I’ll let you live!” Kai shouted at Bilius.

“I’ll never surrender!” Bilius was enraged after getting slapped by Kai repeatedly.

A second later, Bilius unleashed a wave of oppressive aura, and rays of light descended from the sky and shone on him.

“I want you dead! I want to kill you!” Bilius thundered. His eyes were filled with murderous intent when he glared at Kai.

Afterward, all eight gemstones on Bilius’ Octo Ruler lit up at once.

Everyone at the scene was dumbstruck when that happened.

Naturally, they all knew what it meant when they saw all the gemstones lit up.

“Stop messing around, Bilius! Keep Octo Ruler aside!” Ebenez panicked when he realized that Bilius was summoning the ultimate demon beast. No one has ever seen the ultimate demon beast, so we don’t know how strong it really is! If things go south, Emerald Cauldron Sect could be wiped out!

At that moment, Bilius was no longer in his right mind because he was completely clouded by fury. I must kill Kai!

As Bilius’ hair fluttered, an enormous black vortex appeared above the arena, devouring the cloud of black mist.


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