The Mans Decree Chapter 2643

The Mans Decree Chapter 2643-The sky seemed as though it was about to get torn apart. A roar then rang out, and a figure soon appeared in the vortex.

There, a several-meters tall demon beast resembling a horse with golden horns gradually landed in the arena.

When the demon beast made its appearance, the atmosphere in the air turned incredibly tense.

In the next second, the demon beast howled and created shockwaves in the air. The people affected by the shockwaves quickly clenched their hearts as though they had suffered heavy injuries.

“Haha! T-This is the ultimate demon beast in Octo Ruler! It’s so strong!” Bilius laughed out loud when he laid eyes on the unnamed demon beast.

As for the others, they were nervous and excited at the same time. That was also their first time seeing the demon beast.

On the high platform, Ebenez, Ghaylen, and the rest glanced at the demon beast with grim expressions on their faces.

Although Ebanez and Ghaylen opposed each other, neither wanted to see Emerald Cauldron Sect get wiped out. However, the demon beast before their eyes had an exceptionally powerful aura. If the demon beast were to go berserk, they might be unable to control it.

Ebenez couldn’t help letting out a sigh when he gazed at Bilius, who seemed to have lost his rationality.

At that moment, Kai, with Dragonslayer Sword in his grip, was frowning as he looked at the demon beast before his eyes. The auras the elders of Emerald Cauldron Sect exude is nothing compared to the aura this demon beast is exuding.

Bilius knew Kai was frightened when he saw the expression on the latter’s face.

“Kai, you’re not leaving this arena today!” Bilius guffawed.

With that, Bilius flipped his hand over to reveal an astrolabe for an arcane array. To everyone’s surprise, he crushed it to pieces the next moment.


Clouds of black mist were released from the astrolabe, and the mist soon enveloped the arena.

Next, pillars of light appeared around the arena and surrounded it.

Ghaylen rose to his feet immediately and furrowed his brows. “Is that the Slaughter Trap Formation?”

Initially, Ghaylen thought he could lend Kai a hand if needed. Yet, he could no longer do so because Bilius had surrounded the arena with Slaughter Trap Formation.

Everyone at the scene was also shocked. That astrolabe can cast an arcane array, so it must cost a fortune! Who would’ve thought that Bilius could bring himself to use it?

The arena was completely surrounded by murderous intent. If anyone were to approach it, they would be killed by the Slaughter Trap Formation instantly.

“Master, Mr. Chance is in danger, isn’t he? How did Bilius get his hands on that astrolabe?” Zebediah looked very concerned.

Upon hearing that, Ghaylen shifted his gaze toward Ebenez right away. Only Ebenez can locate and own that astrolabe. After all, he controls Emerald Cauldron Sect’s resources! He must’ve abused his position and bought that astrolabe with Emerald Cauldron Sect’s resources!

Ebenez saw the look in Ghaylen’s eyes and explained, “Don’t look at me, Ghaylen. I have no idea what’s with the astrolabe! Bilius had been sent out for several years now, and I wouldn’t know what he had been doing out there!”

“With Slaughter Trap Formation outside the arena and the ultimate demon beast inside, I think Mr. Chance is in hot water.” Sigurd, who had been keeping mum all the while, couldn’t help frowning. If I get close to Slaughter Trap Formation, I’ll die!

Kai had Sigurd’s bodily spirit, so if the former were to die, Sigurd would follow suit. Although Sigurd couldn’t afford to let Kai die, the former was too weak to do anything to help.


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