The Mans Decree Chapter 2644

The Mans Decree Chapter 2644-“With Slaughter Trap Formation around the arena, you won’t be getting any help from others. You’re dying today!” Bilius’ lips curved into a malicious grin, and he slowly floated into the air. The ultimate demon beast is in the arena, and Slaughter Trap Formation surrounds the arena. There’s no way Kai can survive!

Kai examined Slaughter Trap Formation. I can easily counter this arcane array. What worries me the most is the demon beast in front of me! The arena is so cramped. If I fight the demon beast head-on, I might end up losing. I need to be agile and mindful of my positioning! If the demon beast proves too hard to handle, I can still retreat to safety.

“Why are you so proud of your puny arcane array?” Kai sneered and shot a few rays of light out from his fingertips.

The rays of light struck the core of the arcane array.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Following the banging sounds, Slaughter Trap Formation trembled violently.

Kai then gently waved his hand, and a gust of wind blew past. In an instant, the arcane array vanished.

Everyone at the scene was utterly stunned by what they had just witnessed.

Bilius’ triumphant expression from before had turned into a look of disbelief in an instant.

At the same time, Ebenez and Ghaylen were also caught by surprise.

Evidently, Kai had left them stunned once again.

In truth, the Slaughter Trap Formation wasn’t a strong arcane array. It was just that everyone in Emerald Cauldron Sect was an alchemist, and they didn’t know a thing about arcane arrays.

Before that, they thought brute force was the only way to break an arcane array. Conversely, mages knew that an arcane array could be destroyed as long as they could locate and destroy the core.

Thus, the crowd at the scene couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Kai destroying Slaughter Trap Formation with ease. Kai has a resilient physique, incredible medical skills, and knowledge of magecrafts! He’s such a well-rounded talent!

“Master, i-is there anything Mr. Chance isn’t capable of?” Zebediah’s eyes went wide in admiration.

Ghaylen didn’t respond to that because he was just as baffled. Does Mr. Chance know everything?

Meanwhile, Bilius had used up all his tricks, and the ultimate demon beast in the arena was his only hope of defeating Kai.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Bilius demanded the demon beast charge toward Kai.

The demon beast roared in anger and shot a ray of golden light out of its golden horns.

The golden ray shot toward Kai like a bullet.

Seeing that, Kai waved his Dragonslayer Sword before himself to form a shield. Simultaneously, his Golem Body shone extremely brightly.

Kai maximized all his strengths and unleashed the full potential of the Power Of Three.


The golden light crashed into Kai’s body, creating a glow even brighter than the sun.

The others at the scene had to shut their eyes and exude their auras to shield themselves from the explosion’s aftermath.

The glow then slowly dimmed to reveal a dismantled arena.

Bilius floated toward the demon beast and stood on it.

When the dust settled, Kai was nowhere to be seen.

“Haha! You were foolish to fight me!” Bilius burst out laughing. That strike reduced Kai to dust!

The others were staring blankly at the arena. Only Bilius is left in the arena! Kai has disappeared!

“Oh, no… Did Mr. Chance die?” Zebediah knitted his brows concernedly.

Ghaylen also had a solemn expression on his face because he was relying on Kai to heal Viola. If Kai were to die, Viola would never wake up again.

Moreover, Kai was Ghaylen’s savior. The latter felt extremely guilty when he thought Kai had perished before his eyes. Be that as it may, there was nothing I could do to help him. I’ll be killed before I can even get close!


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