The Mans Decree Chapter 2645

The Mans Decree Chapter 2645-“Ghaylen, it’s over. There’s no way he could have survived that. Who could have imagined that the Octo Ruler was this powerful? It could summon the ultimate demon beast and crush us with such ease!” Ebenez exclaimed triumphantly.

Ghaylen remained still. He refused to believe that Kai could be vanquished so effortlessly. Yet, Kai’s silhouette had vanished without a trace. How was that possible if he hadn’t been obliterated into ashes?

“Mr. Chance is not dead.” Sigurd spoke, at last, his voice slow and deliberate.

He knew Kai was alive, for his bodily spirit resided in Kai’s hands. If he was truly dead, Sigurd knew he would now be a mere corpse. The fact that he remained unscathed was undeniable proof that Kai still lived.

“He’s not dead? Then where is he?” Ghaylen urgently asked.

Just then, a sudden cry rang out. “Look. What is that?”

All eyes turned to see what seemed like a glistening golden meteor streaking toward them from the edge of the sky, moving at a speed beyond comprehension.

As the golden light drew closer, the crowd gasped, realizing that it was a man.

“Mr. Chance! That’s Mr. Chance!” Zebediah exclaimed, excitement overtaking him.

Kai, adorned in golden armor and hovering in mid-air, appeared before them. His face was pallid, and blood stained his lips. Clearly, he was injured.

However, the fact that he had survived the horrific attack stunned all present.

Silence fell upon the crowd, their mouths agape in shock.

After all, even Ghaylen and Ebenez might not have withstood such a blow, yet, Kai, a mere Manifestor cultivator, had survived it!

Bilius’ smug satisfaction was replaced by astonishment as he widened his eyes at Kai.

He could hardly believe that not only Kai was alive, but the latter also seemed barely wounded.

“You… you haven’t been obliterated into ashes?” Bilius asked incredulously.

“A puny demon beast, and yet you think it would reduce me to ashes? How amusing!” Kai sneered, disdain in his eyes.

“Enough with your pretense,” Bilius growled. “You’re wounded. I don’t believe you can withstand another attack.”

With that, he commanded the ultimate demon beast to strike again.

This time, Kai surely can’t withstand the blow!

Kai put away his Dragonslayer Sword and Golem Body, knowing they would be useless against the ultimate demon beast.

Slowly, he closed his eyes, and the draconic essence on his chest began to flicker ominously.

“Kill him…” Bilius directed the ultimate demon beast, which charged right at Kai.

Ghaylen paled at the sight. He knew that the injured Kai wouldn’t be able to withstand another hit, so he leaped up to rescue him.

Ebenez, as if anticipating this, grabbed Ghaylen’s wrist and demanded, “What do you think you’re doing, Ghaylen? Aren’t you going to stay here and watch the good show unfold with me?”

“Since there is already a clear winner, surely, there is no need to go such lengths as to kill him? I wish to call for a stop,” Ghaylen implored.

“Stop?” Ebenez smirked. “Too late to back out now. How could we stop now? It was you guys who suggested that we have a death duel.”

“Ebenez, we are of the same sect. Is there a need for a death duel? I hope—”

“Enough of your d*mn prattle. Sit down, or don’t blame me for being rude,” Ebenez cut him off, his face turning cold.

Desperation filled Ghaylen’s eyes as he looked at Kai, unmoving and defenseless in the air. He knew that Kai must have given up on any notion of defending himself. Hence, he hurriedly said, “Ebenez, in that case, I’ll have no choice…”

To save Kai, Ghaylen had to act.

He aimed a palm at Ebenez, hoping to force him back.


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