The Mans Decree Chapter 2646

The Mans Decree Chapter 2646-However, Ebenez did not yield and struck out a punch to counter Ghaylen.

“How dare you raise a hand against me, your senior, for the sake of a mere whelp. I will report your insubordination, and you will be duly punished!”

Ebenez’s and Ghaylen’s palms clashed violently.

Ghaylen was sent spiraling backward, his body propelled by the visible superiority of Ebenez’s might.

After all, Ebenez controlled the resources of Emerald Cauldron Sect, and those closest to the well would get the water first. His resources for cultivation far surpassed Ghaylen’s, making their disparity in power an expected occurrence.

Ghaylen’s defeat sent him reeling, leaving him helpless as he turned his eyes toward Kai, unable to aid him any longer.

However, Kai was seemingly unafraid of the impending calamity that would befall him. As he looked at the ultimate demon beast that was charging toward him, the draconic essence on his chest emitted a pulsating turquoise light.

Soon, from the midst of this mystical glow, there emerged a serpentine azure dragon, its length spanning dozens of feet, its eyes aflame, emitting roars that resonated like distant thunder.

Those who witnessed this spectacle drew in sharp breaths, the sight chilling them to their very core.

If Kai’s previously summoned golden dragon had appeared mighty and awe-spiring, it still seemed but an illusion to the onlookers.

This azure dragon was something entirely different. With scales and wings as tangible as reality, it seemed not a mere conjuration but a true embodiment of a mighty beast.

Above Kai, the dragon circled, its roars bursting forth like waves, causing both Bilius and the ultimate demon beast to momentarily falter.

The ultimate demon beast hesitated, its eyes flashing with emotion too complex to name.

“Kill it! Kill it!” Bilius yelled, frustrated at the ultimate demon beast’s hesitation.

At Bilius’ urging, the demon beast let out a growl and charged without fear.

The azure dragon reacted, its mouth spewing a ghostly blue flame that instantly engulfed the attacking demon beast.

The demon beast howled within the fire, its golden horn radiating a blinding light that extinguished the flames with a magical pulse.

Bilius’ face was aglow with triumph while Kai’s brow furrowed.

He hadn’t anticipated such ferocity from the demon beast.

As the demon beast reached Kai, the azure dragon roared, dragging Kai in a flash, narrowly escaping the attack.

“Do you think you can flee so easily? Not that easy! Go after him!” Bilius ordered the demon beast to charge in Kai’s direction.

The demon beast’s golden horn released beams of light that struck the dragon, causing it to scream in agony. Yet still, the dragon soared into the heavens, pulling Kai with it.

Kai’s face tightened with worry. He knew that he would be killed by the demon beast eventually if he stayed put.

Left with no other choice, Kai drew Dragon Bell from Storage Ring, revealing his abilities and magical items sooner than he had wished.

However, the gravity of the situation had warranted him to do so.

“This time, Kai will not escape. I didn’t expect him to be able to summon a real dragon. Then again, the dragon is too weak…”

Ebenez’s lips curled into a smug smile.

Ghaylen paid no heed to him. He lifted his head apprehensively to look at the sky, only to realize that Kai and the demon beast were gone.

Just as confusion settled over the crowd, a dark shadow plummeted from the sky.

Growing larger and larger, it finally revealed itself as an object as massive as a battle arena, crashing down with a thunderous impact.


The shadow struck the ground, causing a violent tremor. Many structures of Emerald Cauldron Sect were toppled, and many people were thrown off balance while the shadow itself was embedded deep within the earth.


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