The Mans Decree Chapter 2647

The Mans Decree Chapter 2647-At that moment, everyone finally saw what the black shadow was—it turned out to be a colossal bell with exquisitely carved dragons that were incredibly lifelike on its surface!

The sight left everyone utterly astonished. How on earth did such a massive bell suddenly drop from the sky?

Right then, the roars of a demon beast echoed from within the Dragon Bell’s depths.

It dawned on the crowd then. The ultimate demon beast was trapped inside!

Brandishing his Octo Ruler, Bilius quickly rushed toward the Dragon Bell and threw his weapon at it. He wanted to smash it open and release the captive demon beast.

Nevertheless, as Bilius swung his weapon at the Dragon Bell, a tremendous force sent him flying backward all of a sudden.

The demon beast within the Dragon Bell thrashed about, but it couldn’t break free from its confines.

Meanwhile, Kai descended slowly with a bell hammer in hand. The green dragon had vanished without a trace.

“You piece of shit! I’ll show you what true power looks like today!”

Flushed with rage, Kai was infuriated by what the demon beast had done to him.

He grasped the bell hammer firmly and slammed it against the surface of the Dragon Bell.


The bell tolled at the impact, prompting everyone to cover their ears. Some of the weaker disciples winced in pain as they clutched their chests.

It was already difficult for many of them to withstand that single toll. However, Kai showed no sign of stopping; he struck the Dragon Bell once more!

He delivered seven consecutive blows to the Dragon Bell, and soon, no more sound came from within.

Several disciples from Emerald Cauldron Sect who were not strong enough had coughed up blood and passed out from the impact the bell tolls had on them.

Seeing that there were no more sounds coming from the Dragon Bell, Kai casually shrunk it down and stored it in his Storage Ring.

Meanwhile, the horse-like demon beast lay dying on the ground, and its golden horn had lost its luster.

The green dragon was clinging desperately to the demon beast, but it, too, was severely injured and coughing up blood.

It was only with the green dragon’s frenzied effort that the Dragon Bell could capture the demon beast—it had to sacrifice itself in exchange for the demon beast’s life.

Otherwise, with the demon beast’s immense strength, it would have been challenging for Kai to trap it inside the Dragon Bell.

Kai approached the barely-conscious green dragon and gently stroked its head as the draconic essence around his chest emitted a radiant glow once again.

As the green light enveloped the dying dragon’s body, it was suddenly rejuvenated and became full of vigor. Getting up from the ground, it let out a roar and soared into the sky!

After the green dragon left, Kai held the Dragonslayer Sword while coldly eyeing the demon beast.

The demon beast no longer appeared as ferocious as it was before. Fear filled its eyes, and it looked as if it was begging Kai to spare its life!

Holding the sword in his hand, Kai paused for a moment. Then, instead of stabbing the demon beast, he swiftly turned around and fired a beam of light at Bilius from his sword.

Caught off guard, Bilius was struck squarely in the chest by the beam of light, which carved a profound gash in his flesh. Instantly, he plummeted to the ground from midair while his Octo Ruler dropped at Kai’s feet.

Kai bent down and picked up the Octo Ruler.

“Give it back! Give it back! That’s my divine weapon…”

Seeing this, Bilius tried to rush forward to snatch it, but he found himself unable to get up.

As Kai grasped the Octo Ruler, his spiritual sense instantly enveloped it. Soon, the eight gemstones came to life and began to glow, while the severely injured demon beast became veiled in a dark mist. Gradually, it disappeared from sight as it returned to the Octo Ruler.

“This is quite impressive. Maybe Josephine can find some use for it…”

Muttering to himself, Kai threw the Octo Ruler into his Storage Ring.

Seeing Kai take away his weapon, Bilius screamed in anger but was utterly powerless to do anything.

Kai gazed at him before taking a step forward and stomping on his head.


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