The Mans Decree Chapter 2650

The Mans Decree Chapter 2650-The other disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect cowered in fear, keeping their heads down and avoiding Helius’ gaze.

Only Kai lifted his head and observed Helius closely, undeterred.

Helius turned to glance at Kai too, and when their eyes locked, Kai showed no fear.

After a brief moment of confrontation, Helius turned his attention away from Kai.

Soon, the two elders were done with dealing the punishment to themselves. Helius then asked them, “Even from the mountain at the back, I sensed an incredibly powerful aura rampaging in Emerald Cauldron Sect. What on earth is going on?”

Ebenez and Ghaylen exchanged anxious glances before Ebenez struggled to speak with his swollen mouth. “Helius, a rebellious disciple summoned the ultimate demon beast from the Octo Ruler just now. The powerful aura you felt came from that demon beast!”

Furrowing his brows, Helius responded, “He dared to summon the ultimate demon beast? If it were to get out of control, Emerald Cauldron Sect would be in grave peril! Who was the one who summoned the demon beast? Step forward and reveal yourself!”

“Helius, that disciple is already dead. He was beheaded in the arena…” Ebenez hurriedly explained.

Ebenez’s forehead dripped with cold sweat. He hadn’t anticipated that summoning the ultimate demon beast would attract Helius’ attention.

Luckily, Bilius had died. Otherwise, Ebenez himself wouldn’t be spared from Helius’ wrath.

Thinking of that, Ebenez suddenly felt relieved at the convenient turn of events.

“He was beheaded? Even after he summoned the ultimate demon beast, someone managed to kill him? Where is the ultimate demon beast now, and where is the Octo Ruler?” Helius inquired.

“It was Kai Chance. He wounded the ultimate demon beast and returned it back to the Octo Ruler. He has the Octo Ruler now,” Ebenez clarified.

“He wounded the ultimate demon beast?” Helius seemed surprised. Scanning the crowd, he asked, “Which one of you is Kai Chance?”

“Me.” Kai stood up among the disciples.

He was well aware that keeping quiet wouldn’t make much difference. Ebenez would still point him out for Helius!

Helius found it somewhat unexpected that Kai took the initiative to stand up. After a cursory glance, he said to Kai, “Hand over the Octo Ruler right now. Such a thing in your hands can only bring calamity!”

Kai remained silent, neither handing over the Octo Ruler nor speaking.

Noticing Kai’s reluctance to comply, Helius frowned as his expression grew colder.

“Mr. Chance, hand over the Octo Ruler. Don’t provoke Helius…” Still kneeling on the ground, Sigurd quickly advised Kai in a low voice.

“Yes, Mr. Chance. Please give him the Octo Ruler!” Zebediah also chimed in from the other side, attempting to persuade Kai.

Nevertheless, Kai remained indifferent to their words. Drenched in cold sweat, Ghaylen couldn’t stop shivering in fear. However, he couldn’t speak up to convince Kai; all he could do was pray silently that Kai would hand over the Octo Ruler quickly.

On the other hand, Ebenez rejoiced to see Kai standing up to Helius. If Helius became angry, Kai would definitely be dead meat!

“Don’t you understand what I just said?” Helius’ anger flared when he saw that Kai remained stubborn.

“The Octo Ruler is my prize from the duel just now. Why should I hand it over? I competed with Bilius in a duel to the death in the arena. Since he lost his life trying to beat me, anything he possessed rightfully belongs to me. I’m sure you wouldn’t use your status and strength to oppress a younger disciple like me, right?” Kai calmly challenged Helius.

Kai’s audacity left everyone stunned. They had never seen anyone speak to Helius in such disrespect before.

Is he seeking death?

Ghaylen turned pale and slumped to the ground in complete shock.

“Kai, you’re really bold! How dare you speak like that to Helius? You’re asking for trouble!”

Attempting to show his reverence for Helius, Ebenez admonished Kai loudly.


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