The Mans Decree Chapter 2651

The Mans Decree Chapter 2651-“Enough…” Helius waved his hand, signaling Ebenez to stop talking. Then, he regarded Kai with a hint of approval. “Not bad, young man. You’re right. The Octo Ruler is your prize from the duel, so you need not surrender it. I was merely concerned that the Octo Ruler’s power might be too overwhelming for you and could lead to unintended backfiring if you try to use it. That’s why I suggested that you hand it over to me. I wasn’t trying to oppress you.”

Helius’ good-natured response left everyone dumbfounded. They couldn’t fathom why he was so unexpectedly amiable toward Kai.

Even Kai himself was taken aback. He hadn’t anticipated Helius’ genial response at all.

“Thanks for your concern, Helius, but I know my limits,” Kai replied.

“That’s good.” Helius nodded. He then turned to Ebenez and said, “When Hosen returns, have him go to the mountains and reflect on himself for three days. Look at how dreadful Emerald Cauldron Sect has become under his leadership!”

With that, Helius vanished without making any visible moves.

As soon as Helius left, everyone heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Kai in disbelief.

“Mr. Chance, you really scared me just now. How could you even dare to contradict Helius…”

“Yeah, my heart was about to leap out of my chest!”

Sigurd and Zebediah were both amazed at what had transpired.

“I didn’t expect Helius to be such a reasonable person. After all, what I said was true, and I didn’t lie. It seems that Helius is much better than some elders around here!” Kai said, glancing at Ebenez pointedly.

Ebenez snorted at him. “Hmph, don’t get too cocky yet. Just you wait…”

With that, Ebenez hurriedly left. His face was extremely swollen like he had been stung by dozens of hornets, and he would only be ridiculed if he stayed any longer.

Ghaylen looked like he had just returned from the brink of death. He was soaked in sweat from head to toe, looking as if all life had been drained from him.

With Zebediah’s support, he went back to his residence. Kai returned to his place as well, and Emerald Cauldron Sect soon returned to calm.

Meanwhile, Sigurd actively organized the outer circle disciples to clear the debris and repair the damaged buildings around Ghaylen’s territory.

In his room, Kai carefully inspected the Octo Ruler in his hands.

Even Helius of Emerald Cauldron Sect knew about this item and recognized its tremendous power. Kai wanted to study it closely to uncover the secrets that made the Octo Ruler so formidable.

Infusing a strand of his spiritual sense into the Octo Ruler, Kai discovered an immensely vast space within it.

Deafening roars resounded from within, and various grotesque demon beasts grew agitated upon sensing the intrusion.

These demon beasts were all bound by thick chains and imprisoned inside cages.

Kai realized that these demon beasts were the ones Bilius had summoned, and each gemstone on the Octo Ruler corresponded to one of these demon beasts.

However, these creatures were all confined and bound in here. How were they summoned out into the world?

Continuing his exploration with his spiritual sense, Kai found that each cage housing a demon beast contained an arcane array.

It dawned on him that what Bilius had summoned wasn’t the physical forms of these demon beasts but rather their spirits. Their true bodies remained sealed within the Octo Ruler, so there was no risk of these demon beasts disobeying orders.

Having thoroughly investigated the weapon, Kai finally understood that only those with sufficient strength could summon the demon beasts from the Octo Ruler. Those who were weak might end up getting themselves devoured by the spirits of these demon beasts!

Additionally, the power of the Octo Ruler came entirely from the sealed demon beasts within. The more formidable the imprisoned beasts were, the stronger the Octo Ruler would be.

If someone had the ability to capture even more powerful demon beasts, they could replace the existing ones and make the Octo Ruler even more potent.

“It truly is a remarkable item…” Kai withdrew his spiritual sense as a grin formed on his face.


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