The Mans Decree Chapter 2654

The Mans Decree Chapter 2654-A menacing look appeared in Ebenez’s eyes. “I’ll make sure you get what you deserve when Hosen comes back.”

After the conversation with Ebenez, Hosen had a change of heart. He bid farewell to Lucian and made his way back to Emerald Cauldron Sect.

In the hidden cave, Viola’s eyes slowly began to open. Kai’s treatment had helped her regain consciousness, though the poison in her body hadn’t been fully eliminated yet.

“Where am I?” Viola’s brows furrowed together as she slowly sat up.

When she sat up, the blanket covering her body slipped down, exposing her naked form to the air.

“Ah!” Viola shrieked out loud as she hastily grabbed the blanket to cover her body.

Realizing there was no one around, Viola heaved a sigh of relief and quickly put on her clothes.

She racked her brains, trying to figure out what happened before she lost consciousness.

All she could recall was going to Ghaylen before losing consciousness. He had been the one to bring her to the hidden cave.

After that, everything was a blur as she fainted. She had no sense of how much time had passed since then.

“Why was I not wearing clothes?” Viola wondered aloud. After all, she remembered being fully clothed before she lost consciousness.

“Did Mr. Samoll… No, that’s impossible. He would never do that to me. What exactly happened? Have I been…”

Viola couldn’t remember anything. She didn’t even know that Kai had treated her condition.

Unable to recall any memories, Viola resolved to leave the cave. However, to her dismay, she found herself unable to open the entrance.

Feeling stranded, she returned to the bed and waited, hoping to see if anyone would come to the cave.

If someone did arrive, and it wasn’t Ghaylen, it could very well be the person who had undressed her while she was unconscious.

Viola made up her mind to confront and kill that person if it turned out not to be Ghaylen.

Right then, Kai suddenly opened his eyes in the middle of his cultivation. He glanced at the full moon outside before walking out of the room slowly.

Gazing at the mountain peak not far away, he involuntarily made his way there.

The hidden cave was right on top of that mountain. Kai couldn’t explain why he felt the urge to head there.

Perhaps he wanted to see how Viola was faring.

When Kai arrived outside the cave, his hand hovered over the door to open it, but he hesitated.

He realized that Viola might be undressed inside, and if he were to be discovered by Ghaylen while showing up at this late hour, it could lead to awkward explanations.

However, after a brief hesitation, Kai proceeded to open the cave.

With a loud creak, the cave entrance swung open.

Catching the sound, Viola swiftly positioned herself on the bed and pulled the blanket over her, pretending to still be unconscious.

Kai walked into the cave and headed straight to Viola’s room. He saw her lying on the bed, not moving an inch.

Thus, Kai approached her bed and reached out to take her pulse before tucking her in.

Just as his arm extended, Viola’s eyes snapped open. Realizing it wasn’t Ghaylen but an unfamiliar man, a surge of anger overcame her, prompting her to deliver a direct punch.

Kai had not expected that Viola would wake up suddenly and was clearly taken aback. In an instant, a gust of wind rushed toward him.

Reacting on instinct, Kai swiftly retreated, narrowly evading Viola’s punch.

Viola sprang to her feet from the bed and launched a direct attack on Kai.

Her movements were swift and decisive. Being a Top Level Manifestor, she could conjure a gust of wind with every strike she made.


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