The Mans Decree Chapter 2656

The Mans Decree Chapter 2656-Spotting Ghaylen, Kai loosened his grip on Viola and said, “Mr. Samoll, please explain to her quickly. I’m in a tough spot here. Your Ms. Viola is convinced that I did something inappropriate to her and wants to get back at me!”

Realization dawned upon Ghaylen. He promptly clarified, “Ms. Viola, I actually invited Mr. Chance to treat your condition. You were poisoned and remained unconscious for years. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t bring you back. It’s all thanks to Mr. Chance that you’ve regained consciousness.”

“Mr. Chance?” Viola was taken aback. “Isn’t he your disciple?”

“Ms. Viola, allow me to clarify. Mr. Chance became my disciple and joined Emerald Cauldron Sect in order to access the medicinal pool…” Ghaylen began to narrate to Viola, providing a comprehensive account of the transformations that had transpired in Emerald Cauldron Sect over the recent years.

The more Viola found out, the more furious she got. The revelation that Hosen had leveraged Emerald Cauldron Sect’s medical expertise to amass considerable wealth and accumulate a plethora of cultivation resources left her seething.

Her father had founded Emerald Cauldron Sect with the core principle of healing and aiding the ill, prioritizing compassion over monetary gains.

The fact that Hosen had deviated so starkly from this noble objective, transforming the sect into a profit-driven entity, incensed Viola even further.

Tears welled up in her gaze when she recalled her father, who had been poisoned to his death.

“I must teach Hosen a lesson and get Emerald Cauldron Sect back!” she exclaimed between gritted teeth.

“Now that you’ve regained consciousness, Ms. Viola, you have the power to bring Hosen’s misdeeds to light. However, it’s essential to tread cautiously. Hosen wields considerable influence within Emerald Cauldron Sect, and a significant portion of our members are his disciples. Moreover, Mr. Ebenez supports him as well. If you were to expose him abruptly, your safety might be compromised before you can take effective action against Hosen. At present, he remains oblivious to your recovery, offering us the opportunity to await a more favorable timing,” Ghaylen wisely suggested.

“Timing? When will that be? A few years have passed since my father’s death. If we wait any longer, Hosen’s influence in Emerald Cauldron Sect will merely increase with time,” Viola retorted, her brows furrowed in anger.

“Considering your current level of strength, facing off against Hosen would likely result in defeat. He possesses the means to overpower you effortlessly, putting your life at grave risk. Reclaiming Emerald Cauldron Sect under such circumstances would prove challenging. Your temper seems fiery, despite your apparent frailness and vulnerability,” Kai pointed out.

His criticism merely served to increase Viola’s fury. She roared, “I have yet to settle scores with you. How dare you criticize me?”

“Why would you need to settle scores with me? Didn’t we explain everything to you earlier?” Kai was puzzled.

“You didn’t take advantage of me, but you were the one who undressed me! As a result, you saw me naked. Don’t you think I should hold you accountable for that? Was there no other method to treat me that didn’t involve undressing me? You probably did that on purpose as you wanted to see me naked, didn’t you? You dared not exploit the situation only because Mr. Samoll is always outside. Otherwise, why sneak into the cave alone secretly? You could’ve been trying to force yourself on me! If I hadn’t regained consciousness, you might’ve succeeded already!”

Hearing Viola’s accusation, Kai was speechless.

He came here secretly to check on her, not to take advantage of her!

Alas, even if he tried to defend himself, she wouldn’t believe him.

“Fine. I came here to force myself on you. I treated you, so can’t I do that? It’s my reward. After all, you’re gorgeous and curvaceous. It’s a waste if I don’t take the opportunity to enjoy myself.”

Knowing she wouldn’t believe that he was innocent, Kai decided to anger Viola.


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