The Mans Decree Chapter 2659

The Mans Decree Chapter 2659-At the main hall of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s inner court, Ebenez stood, his face displaying a mixture of aggrieved emotions, as he faced Hosen’s furious roars.

“Hosen, you must bring justice to me. While you were away, many unfortunate events occurred in the Emerald Cauldron Sect! The state of the sect has deteriorated due to the actions of the new disciple Ghaylen brought in. Even my most senior disciple, Bilius, has lost his life. If you hadn’t returned, Ghaylen would have taken over the sect completely,” Ebenez pleaded with a sense of urgency.

He was swift to tattle on Ghaylen.

“What?” Hosen’s eyes widened in shock. “How dare he be so audacious as to destroy houses in the inner court and kill Bilius? This is outrageous! Furthermore, Bilius should have advanced to become a Top Level Manifestor by now. How could Ghaylen’s disciple possibly defeat him, given how weak Ghaylen is?”

Hosen remained in disbelief. After all, Bilius was one of the most accomplished disciples, and even Sigurd would find it challenging to end Bilius’ life.

“Hosen, the new disciple is strange, to say the least. Despite being only a Manifestor, the power he has displayed seems to be on par with yours! Moreover, he possesses numerous divine weapons. He appears to be a son of some wealthy family, but I can’t fathom why he would join our sect and become Ghaylen’s disciple,” Ebenez added with a touch of exaggeration.

Ebenez was well aware of Hosen’s fondness for magical items, and he deliberately brought up the topic of the divine weapons in Kai’s possession. He hoped to manipulate Hosen by playing on his greed for these items.

“Do you not know his identity? What’s his name?”

Hosen’s curiosity about Ghaylen’s new disciple was piqued.

“He goes by the name Kai Chance. Sigurd seems to be familiar with him, so I believe Sigurd might have more information about his true identity,” Ebenez revealed.

“Kai Chance?” Hosen exclaimed, leaping to his feet with surprise written all over his face. He then turned to Sigurd and asked, “Sigurd, tell me, is Kai…”

“Yes, he’s the one you sent me and Francois to capture,” Sigurd responded in a whisper.

At that moment, Sigurd’s heart was racing, his entire body gripped by nervousness.

When he heard Sigurd’s response, a murderous intent flashed in Hosen’s eyes as he questioned him, “Explain this to me. What’s going on?”

“Master, I’m deeply sorry!” Sigurd suddenly knelt on the ground and confessed, “I brought Kai to the sect because he said he had something to offer to you and that he wants to be your disciple! But you weren’t around when we returned, so Mr. Samoll got to him first.”

In a desperate attempt to navigate the situation, Sigurd resorted to half-truths and half-lies, hoping that Hosen would believe his words.

“Offer me something? What is it?” Hosen pressed on.

“The Divine Cauldron, I believe. It’s said to be a powerful cauldron for alchemy. If my memory serves me right, he used it at Mr. Samoll’s place before,” Sigurd replied.

“The Divine Cauldron?” Ebenez’s eyes widened in astonishment when he heard the name of the item.

Unlike Ebenez, Hosen wasn’t surprised at all, as he had dispatched Sigurd and Francois to pursue Kai and retrieve the Divine Cauldron.

“In that case, the colorful Spirit Cloud that appeared above Ghaylen’s place had to have come from the Divine Cauldron. Here I was, thinking that Ghaylen’s alchemy skills were finally improving!” Ebenez exclaimed, remembering the striking Spirit Cloud that had emerged not long after Kai’s arrival at the sect.

“It looks like Ghaylen took Kai as his disciple for the Divine Cauldron.” Hosen then narrowed his eyes. “Why hasn’t Ghaylen shown up yet?”

“I’ve already informed him about this. He said he’ll be here soon,” Sigurd answered.

Hosen nodded, resolving to wait for Ghaylen to arrive. He was determined to find a way to obtain that powerful cauldron. If Kai were to offer the Divine Cauldron to him, Hosen was willing to forgive Kai for his past actions.


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