The Mans Decree Chapter 2660

The Mans Decree Chapter 2660-“Mr. Samoll has arrived!” informed one of the disciples stationed outside the door.

Swiftly, Ghaylen strode into the main hall with Kai at his side.

When Kai and Hosen locked eyes, the latter’s expression darkened, resembling the night itself.

The moment Hosen glanced at Kai, memories of having to kneel before him at Imperial Beast City flooded back into his mind.

Despite the surge of emotions, Hosen knew he couldn’t afford to lose his temper at that moment. He couldn’t possibly reveal to others that he had kneeled before Kai as doing so would tarnish his reputation as the leader of the sect.

“Hosen,” Ghaylen greeted respectfully with a bow.

“Ghaylen, I’ve heard that you’ve taken in a new disciple, and he seems quite powerful, doesn’t he? Not only did he destroy several residences in the sect, but he even killed Bilius. It appears your disciples have quite a promising future. They’ve been causing trouble while I was away. It seems they have little regard for me, the leader of the sect. Nevertheless, I’m back now, and I won’t let this slide. Tell me, what is the punishment for disciples who defy their seniors and create chaos in the sect?”

Hosen was quick to assert his dominance, reminding Ghaylen of his position as the leader of the sect.

However, Ghaylen remained composed and unruffled. He calmly explained, “You might not be aware, but it was Bilius who first destroyed my house and harmed my disciples. Kai only acted in retaliation. Besides, Bilius’ death happened at the arena. They were in a fight to their deaths, so it’s not entirely surprising that one of them met such an end. Moreover, the ultimate demon beast from the Octo Ruler that Bilius released nearly wreaked havoc on the entire sect. The news of his actions even reached Helius’ ears.”

Right as Ghaylen uttered those words, Hosen shuddered and leaped to his feet, his surprise evident on his face. “What? The news of that reached Helius?”

“Indeed. He even ordered you to reflect on your actions at the mountain for three days, starting from the moment of your return,” Ghaylen affirmed with a nod.

Hosen’s shock was so immense that he almost fell to the ground, and his face turned as pale as death.

Then, Hosen swiftly turned his head toward Ebenez, his voice sharp and demanding. “Ebenez, is Ghaylen speaking the truth?”

“H-H-Helius did say that,” Ebenez managed to stammer.

Hosen’s anger surged to the point of a near heart attack when he heard Ebenez’s confirmation. Without a second thought, he slapped Ebenez in his fury.

“Are you f*cking trying to kill me? How could you keep this from me, knowing that even Helius had heard about it? After my reflection, I’ll make sure to settle the score with you!” Hosen erupted in anger.

With that said, Hosen stormed toward the back mountain at breakneck speed, his main concern being his own survival.

In this current state of fury and fear, he had no time to deal with Kai’s situation.

Meanwhile, both Kai and Ghaylen revealed looks of amusement when they witnessed Hosen’s impulsive act of slapping Ebenez.

Naturally, Ebenez was livid.

To make matters worse, Ghaylen couldn’t resist making a sarcastic remark, saying, “Ebenez, that was quite a harsh slap. You should quickly apply some ointment to your face, or else you’ll be the subject of laughter among the disciples if they see your swollen cheek.”

Ebenez gritted his teeth and hissed, “Don’t think you can gloat for long. Just wait and see. Don’t assume that I won’t come after you just because Hosen doesn’t dare to!”

As the threat hung in the air, Ebenez spun around and stormed off in a fit of anger.

Back in his quarters, Ebenez’s anger boiled over, and he vented it by throwing anything within his reach to the ground.

He believed that Hosen would punish Ghaylen upon his return as Hosen had been displeased with Ghaylen for quite some time.

To everyone’s surprise, Hosen’s reaction was unexpected. He panicked the moment he learned that Helius was aware of the incident. Hosen couldn’t even be bothered to address Ghaylen’s matter as he hurried off to carry out his own punishment.

“I’m not going to let this go. I’m never going to let them off the hook!” Ebenez bellowed.

Moments later, the man gradually tamped down his fury and regained control of his emotions.


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