The Mans Decree Chapter 2661

The Mans Decree Chapter 2661-Ebenez exited the room and made his way toward Emerald Cauldron Sect’s warehouse.

The disciples guarding the warehouse were all under his command, so when they saw him arriving, they didn’t attempt to stop him.

Once he was inside the warehouse, Ebenez walked to a corner and opened a secret room.

The room was filled with an array of high-grade pills and various herbs, all neatly arranged.

Without any hesitation, Ebenez swiftly collected numerous pills and herbs before stashing them into a cloth bag. He then took out a charm and placed it gently on the ground.

Biting his finger, he let a drop of blood fall onto the charm. Soon, the intricate arcane array inscribed on the charm began to glow with radiant light. Stepping into the arcane array, Ebenez’s body gradually faded from view.

When he emerged again, he found himself in a pitch-black space, surrounded by flowing black mist. In front of him stood a man engulfed in what seemed like burning flames, watching him silently.

“Has the time finally come?” The man spoke slowly, addressing Ebenez.

Ebenez shook his head. “No, but I need to utilize you ahead of schedule. I need you to kill someone for me.”

“Kill someone?” The man froze briefly, and he appeared somewhat surprised as he asked, “Who do you want me to kill?”

“Faiyar, I saved your life and nurtured you for all these years so that you would obey my commands without question. Whatever task I assign you, you will execute it without hesitation, understood?” Ebenez’s response was cold and firm.

Faiyar didn’t reply to that, but the flames around him intensified, clearly showing his dissatisfaction. Despite so, he managed to keep his emotions in check and refrained from erupting in anger.

Seeing Faiyar’s reaction, Ebenez felt satisfied and tossed the herbs and pills he held in his hand toward him.

“Here, these are Emerald Cauldron Sect’s top-grade pills and herbs. Naturally, I won’t let you work for nothing. Once I become the sect leader, there will be no need for you and your kind to hide anymore. Right now, you demons are nothing more than despised vermins. If it weren’t for me back then, you and your subordinates would have died a miserable death!” Ebenez proclaimed.

He had risked everything to save Faiyar back in the day, all with the goal of having the latter’s help in seizing the position of sect leader one day.

Despite his seemingly lackluster performance and poor alchemy skills within Emerald Cauldron Sect, Ebenez’s actions were merely a ruse to deceive Hosen.

In reality, his ambition was no less than that of Hosen’s.

“I understand. I’ll send someone to take care of it right away. Just let me know who the target is and leave the information for me,” Faiyar finally replied.

“No. I can’t take any chances. You must personally lead the team to handle this. The person we’re dealing with is very powerful, and we can’t afford to be careless. If this person remains alive, it will jeopardize my quest to become the sect leader,” Ebenez emphasized.

“All right. I’ll lead the team myself, then,” Faiyar conceded with a nod.

After leaving Kai’s information behind, Ebenez vanished instantly and reappeared back in the warehouse.

“Just you wait, Kai. The consequences of crossing me will be something you won’t ever forget!” His eyes gleamed with fierce determination as he walked out of the warehouse.

Meanwhile, inside the secret cave, Ghaylen and Kai convened with Viola once more. Their objective was to devise a plan for her to seamlessly blend in during the upcoming opening of the medicinal pool in a few days.

Unlike their previous encounter, Viola’s attitude toward Kai had noticeably improved, and a hint of bashfulness could be seen in her expression.

Having been saved by Kai, Viola couldn’t help but feel remorseful for her misunderstanding and actions against him.

“Kai, I want to apologize for what happened a few days ago. I’ve checked, and I realized that you didn’t actually touch me,” she said earnestly, extending her apology to Kai.

“Well, it’s a relief that you’ve checked it yourself. Otherwise, my reputation would have been completely tarnished…” Kai feigned a pained expression.

Upon hearing this, Viola furrowed her brows and retorted, “You rascal, would it really have hurt you that much to have slept with me? I might not be as pretty as those other women you’ve been with, but I’m not that bad either, am I?”


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