The Mans Decree Chapter 2662

The Mans Decree Chapter 2662-“You’re right. You’re not bad at all,” Kai replied with a smile. “Just try to be a little gentler in your demeanor and maybe hold back from resorting to violence at the drop of a hat.”

“You…” Infuriated, Viola raised her hand, ready to strike Kai once more.

“See? You can’t just go around hitting people like that. It’s not very ladylike.” Kai quickly retreated, seeking refuge behind Ghaylen.

Seeing the playful banter between Kai and Viola, Ghaylen allowed an amused smile to form.

“Mr. Chance, why don’t you step outside for a moment? I need to discuss something with Ms. Viola,” he said to Kai.

“Sure. I’ll wait for you outside,” Kai replied and promptly left the cave.

The moment he was gone, Viola inquired, “Mr. Samoll, what was it you wanted to discuss?”

“Ms. Viola, what are your thoughts on Kai as a person?” Ghaylen asked.

Although puzzled by his question, Viola still answered truthfully, “To be honest, he doesn’t strike me as the most trustworthy person, but oddly enough, I do feel a sense of security when I’m around him.”

“Ms. Viola, let me tell you this, Kai is no ordinary man. Despite being only at Manifestor Realm, he was able to single-handedly slay Bilius. Even the formidable ultimate demon beast within Octo Ruler couldn’t win against him. Besides, he owns numerous precious treasures, including the legendary Divine Cauldron coveted by the alchemy world. Although I haven’t unraveled his true identity yet, his courage and strength are anything but ordinary. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be an esteemed heir from a powerful family!” Ghaylen praised Kai with great admiration.

“Mr. Samoll, what exactly are you trying to tell me?” Viola asked, her curiosity piqued.

“Ms. Viola, given our current strength, it would be quite challenging to reclaim Emerald Cauldron Sect from Hosen’s grasp, especially now that he’s allied with Norwal City. Therefore, if we want to take back the sect, we’ll need allies, and Kai is the perfect candidate for that!” Ghaylen explained earnestly.

“Then ask him to help us. What’s the problem? After all, he has been helping you frequently, hasn’t he?” Viola pointed out, well aware of Kai’s previous assistance to Ghaylen.

“Well, there’s something you may not be aware of, Ms. Viola. The reason Kai has sought refuge in Emerald Cauldron Sect is to await the opening of the medicinal pool. Once it opens, he might leave immediately after soaking in it. Hence, if we want Kai to wholeheartedly assist us, we must… we must…” Ghaylen trailed off, appearing rather embarrassed.

“What is it that we must do? Just tell me directly, Mr. Samoll,” Viola urged, growing more impatient.

Gritting his teeth, Ghaylen finally revealed his plan. “Ms. Viola, you must become Kai’s partner. Once you two have slept together, he won’t be able to refuse to help you.”

Viola’s face flushed red when she heard this, and she quickly shook her head, saying, “That won’t do; I’m not that kind of person…”

“Ms. Viola, don’t you want to reclaim Emerald Cauldron Sect from Hosen’s grasp? Are you willing to let all the hard work of the previous generations of sect leaders go to waste? Your father dedicated himself to the prosperity of the sect, building its illustrious reputation. Yet now, that very reputation is being tarnished by Hosen. Will you stand idly by while the former sect leader’s legacy remains unavenged?” Ghaylen purposely brought up Viola’s father, knowing that if they could get Kai on their side, Emerald Cauldron Sect would be within their grasp.

“I…” Viola hesitated, biting her lip tightly. After a moment of contemplation, she said, “Even if I wanted to, Kai might not be willing. After all, all his women are far more beautiful than me.”

“Ms. Viola, no matter how stunning Kai’s companions are, they are not by his side now. As the saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. As a man, I understand their nature best. If you take the initiative, Kai won’t be able to resist and will surely fall for your charms,” Ghaylen reassured.


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