The Mans Decree Chapter 2664

The Mans Decree Chapter 2664-“You’re right. If we become partners for life, I can get both Emerald Cauldron Sect and you. However, there’s no way I can stay in Emerald Cauldron Sect forever. I have many other things to accomplish! The sects and factions under my control are far more powerful than Emerald Cauldron Sect. I also have a lot of other confidantes, so giving them up for you is impossible,” Kai said calmly.

Viola’s expression briefly faltered before a hint of disappointment crept in.

She had not expected Kai’s reply.

His words left her feeling deeply embarrassed, yet they also served as evidence that Kai was far from an ordinary individual.

The fact that the sects and factions under his control surpassed the might of Emerald Cauldron Sect suggested that he hailed from a wealthy and influential lineage.

It was clear that Kai had no use for the mere resources and forces of Emerald Cauldron Sect.

“I’m sorry,” Viola apologized awkwardly before hurrying away.

To ease the awkward situation, Kai offered, “I didn’t agree to be your partner, but I can help you get back Emerald Cauldron Sect. After all, I am now a disciple of the sect.”

“Really?” Viola exclaimed, surprised by the offer, before breaking into a grateful smile. “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

“It’s getting late, so we should get back. Otherwise, Mr. Samoll might overthink things again,” Kai told her.

Viola nodded and followed him back.

They had barely taken two steps when a few figures in black blocked their path.

Kai’s brows knitted together, and he swiftly positioned himself in front of Viola in a protective stance. Although it was an instinctive reaction, Viola couldn’t help but feel a sense of security at the sight of his broad shoulders.

“Who are you?” Kai asked.

A man whose body was on fire stepped forward to ask, “Are you Kai Chance?”

It was none other than Faiyar, the demon Ebenez had hired to kill Kai.

“Yes, I am Kai Chance!” Kai gave a curt nod.

He sensed their auras and immediately discovered that they were demons.

The man enveloped in flames exuded an aura reminiscent of Skylar’s.

Kai was confused. Aren’t demons despised by everyone in Ethereal Realm? Why do they have the guts to reveal themselves in public?

“That means you’re our target,” Faiyar said.

He waved his hand, and a flame appeared on his palm.

“Wait up. You need to explain why you’re here. Why are you seeking me? I don’t believe we’re acquainted. Moreover, you’re demons, yet you’re revealing yourselves openly. Aren’t you concerned about being discovered?” Kai inquired, clearly puzzled.

Faiyar responded with a cold snort. “That’s not your concern. In any case, someone has ordered me to end your life. You’re going to die soon, so there’s nothing you can do even if you discover our identities.”

He compressed the flame in his palm until it burst into an explosion.


The fiery eruption sent out shockwaves, enveloping an area spanning hundreds of miles.

It was evident that Faiyar had established a protective arcane array, confining his aura within it. This way, the telltale demon energies wouldn’t radiate outward and attract unwanted attention.

Kai’s frown deepened when he sensed the aura.

“Do you have the Inferno Devil’s Form?” he asked.

He couldn’t help but feel that this man’s fiery aura resembled that of Skylar’s Inferno Devil’s Form.

Faiyar’s expression shifted to one of surprise upon hearing that. “You’re familiar with the Inferno Devil’s Form? Well, my body isn’t anything extraordinary, but I’ve mastered the Enchanted Flame. It can reduce anything to ashes,” he proclaimed with a hint of pride, clearly confident in his abilities.


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