The Mans Decree Chapter 2665

The Mans Decree Chapter 2665-“You’re quite strong. Besides, you’re already in the Body Fusion Realm, so targeting a Manifestor like me seems a bit odd. Aren’t you concerned about becoming a laughingstock? Even if you’ve shielded your aura, there’s still a chance it might leak out if we fight. That would put you in jeopardy as the rest might hunt you down and kill you. Why don’t we discuss this instead? What do you want? I might be able to provide it without resorting to violence,” Kai proposed.

It wasn’t that Kai feared Faiyar. While Faiyar might be at the Third Level of Body Fusion Realm and his subordinates were Top Level Manifestors, even if Kai wasn’t their equal and decided to flee, these demons wouldn’t be able to prevent his escape.

However, Viola’s presence complicated matters. Kai had to factor in her safety. Engaging in a fight would make it challenging for him to ensure her safety.

“Yes. Let us know what you want. Emerald Cauldron Sect will make every effort to fulfill your desires. However, should you choose to take aggressive measures, we won’t hesitate to respond with appropriate consequences,” Viola cautioned as she revealed herself behind Kai.

She was hoping to scare them using Emerald. Cauldron Sect’s reputation. Faiyar fixed his gaze on her. “And who might you be? Can you call the shots in Emerald Cauldron Sect?”

He had never heard of a woman holding al prominent position within the sect, let alone the fact that Hosen had a daughter.

“I’m the daughter of the previous lord. Can you let us know what you want? I can satisfy your wishes if they are not too much,” Viola responded.

Faiyar was visibly surprised by her response. “Aren’t you supposed to be dead from poison? | had no clue you were still alive,” he remarked in astonishment.

He had overheard Ebenez’s hints about Hosen’s dubious actions. Ebenez seemed to know about Hosen’s wrongdoings but had not revealed them, likely harboring intentions of taking over the leadership from Hosen by using that crime.

Ebenez could exploit Hosen’s past act of killing the former leader as a pretext to remove him from power, presenting a seemingly legitimate justification for seizing control. Clearly, Ebenez possessed a shrewd and calculating nature.

“How are you aware of matters concerning Emerald Cauldron Sect?” Viola was taken aback. Few were privy to her poisoning incident. It was unexpected for the demon before her to be knowledgeable about it.

“Stop asking questions. I won’t tell you anything. I want Kai dead, and I’ll make that happen.” With that, he suddenly sent a burst of flame flying toward Kai. Kai quickly unleashed an attack and dragged Viola backward to retreat.

“I’ll hold them back. Find a chance to escape,” Kai whispered in Viola’s ear.

“I won’t leave. How could you possibly be their match on your own? If we are to die, let’s die together. After all, I’ve already died once. before, Viola declared. She knew that he wouldn’t be their match as he was outnumbered.

“I’m telling you to escape so you can go get reinforcements. Bring Mr. Samoll here. I’ll be fine. I might not necessarily defeat these guys, but it won’t be that easy if they want to kill me,” Kai explained.

“If that’s the case, you must hold on. I’ll go get Mr. Samoll. Once he arrives, we won’t need to fear them,” Viola responded with a nod as she finally understood what he meant.

“Young man, no wonder someone wants to kill you. I never thought a Manifestor could easily withstand my attack,” Faiyar said, sounding surprised as he and his group slowly closed in.

Seeing this, Kai swung his right arm, and Dragonslayer Sword appeared. Then, he activated Golem Body, covering himself in golden scales.


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