The Mans Decree Chapter 2666

The Mans Decree Chapter 2666=Soon after, brilliant golden light burst forth from Kai’s body, illuminating the darkening sky with a golden glow.

“Run!” he yelled as he took the initiative to attack. Countless beams of light surged out from the Dragonslayer Sword, enveloping the group in front of him. Hearing his shout, Viola turned around and began to flee.

“Don’t let her escape! Don’t let a single one get away!” Faiyar roared. If Viola were to escape, their identities as demons would be exposed, and they might not be able to escape if she returned with reinforcements.

One of Faiyar’s subordinates immediately charged at Viola. “You have a death wish!” With the sword in his right hand, Kai swung a punch out with his left hand.

“Sacred Light Fist!” The golden fist illuminated the sky like the scorching sun as numerous fist shadows blocked the path.

The subordinate going after Viola found himself facing Kai’s Sacred Light Fist. Instinctively, he struck back with a punch.

Boom! A deafening sound erupted as their fists collided. Faiyar’s subordinate’s chest instantly erupted in a burst of bloody mist, and he was sent flying before exploding in midair.

Faiyar was astonished to see that. Even though Ebenez had warned him that Kai wasn’t as weak as he looked to be, he had no idea that Kai could be this strong.

“Take your weapons!” Faiyar ordered. Then, flames ignited around him, forming a fiery sword. His group closed in on Kai. The latter used his Dragonslayer Sword to ward off Faiyar’s attack.

Kai wasn’t afraid of Faiyar’s subordinates thanks to his Golem Body, which wasn’t easy to destroy. After Kai blocked Faiyar’s attacks, his subordinates’ weapons struck Kai’s body.

A golden glow burst forth, accompanied by clanging sounds. Not only had Kai withstood their attacks, but his Golem Body remained unscathed.

The attackers were dumbfounded as they stared at him. After all, they were Top Level Manifestors. If they were to attack a mountain, the mountain would collapse immediately. Nevertheless, Kai remained unscathed despite their joint attack.

In truth, Kai’s internal organs were burning at the moment. Several Top Level Manifestors had struck him simultaneously, so it was impossible that he would emerge unscathed.

However, at this critical juncture, he couldn’t afford to show them that he was injured.

“Die!” When the enemies were still in a daze, Kai swung out his Dragonslayer Sword. A beam of light streaked across the sky, piercing through one person’s body, cutting them in half.

The other individuals panicked and quickly retreated. Faiyar stared at Kai in shock. The fight had only begun, but two of his own were already slain. At that moment, he finally understood why Ebenez insisted he lead the team. Silence ensued. Faiyar and his remaining subordinates stared at Kai in disbelief, their eyes wide open.

“This guy is wearing armor, and his physical. body is incredibly tough. We can’t engage in close combat. We need to burn him alive with demonic fire!”

Faiyar realized that the Golem Body on Kai was undoubtedly a divine treasure, making it hard for conventional weapons to harm him.

Hence, they had to resort to using flames to burn Kai to death. Besides, they were skilled in handling flames.


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