The Mans Decree Chapter 2667

The Mans Decree Chapter 2667-Soon, balls of fire began to rise from the palms of these individuals. Without hesitation, they all threw these fireballs toward Kai. Kai swung his Dragonslayer Sword continuously, sending out streaks of light that struck the fireballs.

However, the sword beams only shattered the fireballs, causing the scattered flames to still land on Kai. They burned intensely, emitting a crackling sound.

Faiyar’s lips curled slightly at the sight. He then ignored Kai and dashed over to Viola as he couldn’t allow her to escape.

Faiyar leaped into the air, and the sky responded with resonating roars. A sea of fire suddenly burst forth from the heavens, casting a fiery red glow over the entire sky.

A terrifying aura surged toward Viola, who turned her head anxiously upon realizing the pursuing flames. She was a mere Top Level Manifestor and wasn’t Faiyar’s match.

“Thinking of escaping? It won’t be that easy!” Faiyar roared as the billowing flames surged toward Viola. Viola had no choice but to halt, forcefully unleashing her spiritual energy with clenched fists to block the burning flames.

However, her efforts were in vain as her spiritual energy was instantly crushed by the raging flames. Alarmed, Viola swiftly retreated, but her palms were still licked by the flames. The intense burning pain caused her face to contort as blood oozed from her hands. “What a strong demonic fire!” Viola muttered as she stared at her burned hands, her expression grim.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the heiress of Emerald Cauldron Sect, for I’ll reduce you to ashes today, Faiyar declared, commanding the torrential waves of flames to surge toward Viola.

Fear filled Viola’s eyes, but her strength was greatly lacking compared to Faiyar’s. The difference in power was insurmountable, and her resistance was futile.

“It seems I can never reclaim Emerald Cauldron Sect now…” Viola resigned herself to her fate, closing her eyes slightly.

“Don’t worry. I’m here, so you’ll be fine!” Kai’s voice rang in Viola’s ear. Opening her eyes, Viola saw Kai standing in front of her, his golden body like a protective barrier shielding her.

Confronting the immense waves of flames, Kai unleashed The Power of Dragons, and a resplendent golden dragon soared into the air.

It circled around before spitting out flames from its mouth. The two flames collided, reducing the surrounding trees to ashes. The golden dragon roared, continuously spewing flames from its mouth.

Amidst the resounding explosions, peculiar colors appeared in the half-empty sky. Under the illumination of the two flames, the entire mountain forest lit up as if it were daytime.

“I wish Josephine were here…” Kai furrowed his brows, sensing that Faiyar’s demonic fire was particularly troublesome.

If Josephine were here, he wouldn’t have to fear anything. Josephine possessed a fiery constituent and was naturally endowed with the ability to manipulate flames.

The scorching temperature continued to rise. The mountain range was engulfed in roaring flames, yet several figures remained motionless amidst the inferno.

“He’s a mere Manifestor but continues to amaze me,” Faiyar muttered, his eyes narrowing. Following this, the flames surged once again, relentlessly converging toward Kai. Soon, the entire sky seemed to be blanketed by Faiyar’s flames.

Kai could sense that the lifespan of the golden dragon was limited. He turned to Viola and urged, “Quick, retreat!”

Viola hesitated briefly but ultimately followed Kai’s instruction, hastily moving backward. Just as Viola began to retreat, the golden. dragon dissipated into specks of golden light.. Kai’s body was instantly enveloped by the flames.

The overwhelming blaze completely consumed Kai.


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