The Mans Decree Chapter 2668

The Mans Decree Chapter 2668-“Kai!” Viola screamed as she turned pale in shock from the sight before her, yet she was unable to get close. The inferno that ignited was special. It was made up of demonic fire that was manifold more devastating than that of ordinary fire.

Watching Kai being engulfed in flames, Faiyar curled his lips deviously. “How dare you challenge me to battle! I’m going to crush you.”

The moment he finished, Faiyar began to shrink the raging fire. The hand seals he formed rapidly caused the inferno to contract until Kai was tightly restrained within it.

Along with the contraction, the heat and potency of the fire exponentially increased. As the air began to thin out from the concentration of the inferno, everyone’s breathing grew labored as they felt themselves being engulfed in a wave of radiant heat.

Given that they could feel the inferno’s intensity tens of meters away, they figured that Kai-in the epicenter-must have been incinerated to a crisp.

Slowly but surely, the inferno shrunk into the shape of a man. It was as if Kai’s entire body was set ablaze.

Thereafter, Kai gradually collapsed onto the ground and lay there motionless, allowing the flames to dance upon his body at will. “Why hasn’t he been burned to dust yet?”

Faiyar was surprised because his contracting inferno had always turned everything into ash. Hence, he took two steps forward to take a closer look. No sooner had he done so than Kai unexpectedly got up to his feet.

The flames on his body were extinguished in an instant before a blistering light shot out from the Dragonslayer Sword.

Faiyar’s face drained of color as he not only saw Kai still alive but also capable of fighting back. Just as he attempted to turn around, his shoulder was pierced by the light from Kai’s sword.

This time, the strike was fueled by the Power Of Three instead of the Power of Dragons, unleashing the full glory of the aura within his body.

The Power of Three was significantly greater than the power of any of the individual races. It was a shame that Faiyar stayed vigilant. Otherwise, the strike would have already killed him. Staring at the wound on his arm, Faiyar furrowed his brows, his eyes brimming with disbelief.

“Who in the world are you? Who is Hadad to you? Why do you possess Ultimate Force within your body?” Faiyar questioned Kai with at deathly stare. The question threw Kai off momentarily, but he quickly realized what was going on..

Faiyar must have felt the aura of Ultimate Force within me. Ultimate Force is Hadad’s most powerful technique after all. However, I had just deployed Sacred Light Fist, so why didn’t he notice Whalreth’s trump card? Can it be that Hadad is really more famous than Whalreth in Ethereal Realm?

After a brief deliberation, Kai replied, “Hadad is my master. It was he who taught me how to harness Ultimate Force.”

The information was deliberately shared by Kai to inject some apprehension into Faiyar, as Hadad was likely highly regarded among demon spirits in Ethereal Realm. Otherwise, the latter wouldn’t have ended up being restrained.

“Your master?” Faiyar let out a snort. Evidently, he didn’t believe Kai at all. Faiyar confidently challenged, “How can Hadad be your master when he was restrained a long time ago? You must have learned it from some ancient text, haven’t you? On top of that, your Ultimate Force is actually weak, so how dare you claim that you’re Hadad’s disciple?”

Given that Kai’s Ultimate Force had amalgamated with the Power of Three within him, it wasn’t a surprise that one would perceive it was weak if one sensed it independently.

Due to this misconception, Faiyar had formed a wrong impression of Kai, not realizing that his Ultimate Force had reached its pinnacle state, allowing him to effortlessly draw the Divine Bow.

If Kai were to have Divine Bow in his hands right then, he probably wouldn’t need to waste time explaining anything to Faiyar.

All he had to do was shoot and blow the latter up.


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