The Mans Decree Chapter 2669

The Mans Decree Chapter 2669-“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or If you kill me today, my master will hunt not. If y you down!” Kai declared.

“Let me make this clear. Being Hadad’s disciple won’t save you today! And as for Hadad’s authority, it means nothing to me, restrained or not, Faiyar asserted with a scoff.

Once again, he unleashed his aura completely and charged at Kai, As a Third Level Body Fusion Realm Demonic Cultivator, Faiyar was outraged that Kai actually managed to wound him.

In response to the attack, Kai leaped into the air with Dragonslayer Sword in hand. This time, he invoked a charm, and a white mist began to rise around them, filling the atmosphere with an icy chill.

Kai intended to use the icy mist to impede Faiyar’s fire-wielding ability. “Hmph, this is demonic fire. Even a blizzard can’t extinguish it, let alone a thin layer of mist,” Faiyar scoffed.

However, Kai paid no attention to the comment. Within the mist, Dragonslayer Sword shook abruptly, heralding the unleashing of the Nine Shadows.

In the blink of an eye, three shadow clones of Kai materialized from thin air. Nevertheless, Falyar was still oblivious to their emergence, for his view was obscured by the mist. “Ms. Warwick, run!” Kai yelled at Viola.

“Don’t let her escape!” Faiyar barked at the same time. His subordinates dashed toward Viola immediately. No sooner had they sprung to action than two identical Kais emerged from the mist, a sight that flabbergasted Faiyar’s men.

Even the fleeing Viola was stunned by the sight, yet she continued speeding away instead of stopping.

Upon regaining their senses, the men resumed their pursuit but were quickly stopped by Kai’s shadow clones. Soon, all of them were tied down in battle.

Upon discovering that the clones were just as strong as Kai, Faiyar’s men were stricken. with shock. It was clear to them the clones were not apparitions cast by an illusion spell, for such entities do not possess any strength at all.

As for Faiyar, who was oblivious to what was going on outside, he instinctively lauriched a palm strike toward his opponent.

Bang! The palm struck Kai on the head, causing him to collapse onto the ground instantaneously. The result stunned Faiyar, who didn’t expect to kill Kai so easily.

I can’t believe this! Staring at the Kai lying on the ground, he didn’t think it was a fake at all. However, just as he was about to pick Kai’s corpse up, the latter gradually disintegrated into a glowing white light.


Faiyar was completely dumbfounded. It was right then that a dangerous aura bore down upon him from behind, causing him to turn around abruptly.

All he saw was Kai raising Dragonslayer Sword up high and a blistering light slashing. down upon him. He felt his hair stand on end as he whipped both his palms forward while his body desperately backpedaled. Once again, Kai’s strike ended up being blocked.

“D*mn it, I missed another chance,” he cursed in reflex. After deploying his shadow clones, his spiritual energy was inadvertently divided among them, reducing the potency of his attacks.

Meanwhile, the surrounding mist began to clear. Faiyar was stupefied to see his subordinates embroiled in a battle with two men that looked exactly like Kai.

Before he could figure out what was going on, his men were slaughtered by the duo. Just like the Kai earlier, the bodies of the clones subsequently disintegrated into a white light. “What sort of black magic is this?” Faiyar exclaimed for he had never seen shadow clones in battle before.

There were many who could cast illusion spells or illusion arrays, but all those were nothing but apparitions that were incapable of actual combat, yet Kai’s shadow clones were no different from his real body other than being slightly weaker.


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