The Mans Decree Chapter 2671

The Mans Decree Chapter 2671-Ignoring Falyar, Kai maintained a frosty stare at them. Given that Viola had put a great distance between them, Kai was certain that she had gone to get Ghaylen. The latter’s arrival would definitely relieve them of their current predicament.

In the meantime, Faiyar knew that dragging the battle was detrimental to him. Viola’s escape had allowed her to potentially return with a horde of cultivators to hunt them down. “Kid, regardless of the black magic you use, there’s no escape for you today.”

The flames on Faiyar’s body soared into the air. “Who says I’m trying to escape?” The instant Kai finished, he raised Dragonslayer Sword and thundered, “Vortex Slash!”

Kai’s shout heralded a blistering flash rising into the air from Dragonslayer Sword. The light. that resulted seemed to tear the sky apart. before falling down upon Faiyar.

At the same time, the Power of Three within Kai surged out like a tidal wave. This time, Kai didn’t hold back as he channeled all his power into his sword to fire it up for maximum devastation.

The sword screamed through the air, causing the sky to tremble under its overwhelming power. The terrifying light from the sword looked as if it was going to pierce through the sky itself. Faiyar couldn’t help but frown as he stared at Kai’s impending attack.

“Is a Manifestor really capable of wielding power of such magnitude?” As a Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, Faiyar’s heart began to throb anxiously due to the impressive power Kai had demonstrated.

After being briefly distracted, Faiyar instantaneously ignited his body into a ball of inferno. He then backed off rapidly instead of facing Kai head-on.

Amidst his retreat, he noticed that the sword which was bearing down upon him a moment ago had changed directions toward his subordinates. Startled by the sudden turn of events, Faiyar realized that they were the target all along. instead of him.

“Take cover!” he roared. Unfortunately, it was already too late. All his subordinates could see was a blinding flash by the time they realized the danger.

“Argh!” The lot of them let out a thunderous battle cry as their bodies ignited in flames. Countless infernos subsequently combined themselves into a shield, allowing them to brace themselves against Kai’s attack.

Soon, the blistering light chopped down on the Faiyar’s subordinates. Underneath its terrifying force, the shield formed from infernos easily shattered as if it was just as fragile as glass.

Boom! Along with an earth-shattering rumble, a massive crater with a diameter of a hundred meters appeared. The entire mountain tremored while countless trees disintegrated into dust. Smoke subsequently filled the air, blocking off the sun and obscuring the view of the surroundings.

The scene before Faiyar unsettled him, for he knew that it was unlikely for his subordinates to have survived such a devastating attack.

Once the dust began to settle, Faiyar hurried over to the crater to check. The moment he arrived, he was blown away by what he saw.

All that was left of his subordinates were a pile of mush and a few dancing infernos. He couldn’t even tell one apart from another. Staring at the residual infernos, Kai pulled them into his hand with a casual wave.

He was aware that they were left behind by the dead subordinates and were probably similar to: the golden elixirs of cultivators and beast cores of demon beasts.

“Give me back their life cores!” Faiyar bellowed when he saw Kai take the infernos away. As long as the life cores continue burning, he was still able to resurrect his subordinates.

“These are my battle trophies. Why should I give them to you?” Kai sneered before chucking the infernos into his Storage Ring. “Since you refuse, you’ll have to die!”

Faiyar’s eyes widened with rage burning within them.


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