The Mans Decree Chapter 2672

The Mans Decree Chapter 2672-Viola’s stern expression softened slightly as she felt the warmth of Kai’s hand, and she soon found herself staring dreamily at him. Shortly after, they reached a forest where Faiyar came to a halt, ceasing his attempt to escape.

Kai promptly followed suit upon noticing Faiyar’s pause. Why would Faiyar stop running all of a sudden? There must be a trap or something nearby!

With a calm demeanor, Faiyar turned to Kai and delivered his ominous message. “Mark my words, punk! I will avenge my subordinates!”

The flames on his body cascaded down like flowing water, shaping a scorching symbol ont the ground surrounding him. After a brief pause, Kai exclaimed, “A Teleportation Array? You’re not escaping that easily!”

With Dragonslayer Sword in hand, Kai leaped into the air and sent a light attack flying straight at Faiyar. Right when the light was about to hit Faiyar, he vanished in a burst of radiant white light..

“F*ck! He got away! I can’t believe he set up a Teleportation Array here in advance! He sure is a cautious one!” Kai muttered in frustration as he witnessed Faiyar’s successful escape.

“Let’s hurry up and head back, Mr. Chance. The huge commotion might attract a lot of unwanted attention. We’d be in huge trouble if someone shows up and discovers Ms. Viola,” said Ghaylen.

“Very well, let’s head back,” Kai responded with a nod, and the trio made their way back to the hidden cave. After assisting Viola in donning a disguise, the trio departed from the cave and made their way back to Ghaylen’s base.

As Viola’s eyes welled up with tears, she witnessed Ghaylen’s once majestic and thriving base reduced to ruins. Only a few disciples from Ghaylen’s generation remained, solemnly guarding the remnants of their once glorious home.

However, she had to keep her emotions hidden. so that no one would grow suspicious of her identity. Viola’s current identity was that of a new disciple that Ghaylen had taken in.

“Ms. Viola, Bilius has laid waste to most of the houses, leaving us with limited accommodation at the moment. Regrettably, you’ll have to stay with Mr. Chance for now. To avoid raising suspicions, we’ve disguised you as a male, and it would be best not to arrange a separate unit for you,” Ghaylen explained.

Viola understood that Ghaylen was deliberately trying to give her and Kai a chance to spend more time together.

“Sure thing,” she replied with a nod. Then, turning toward Kai, she asked, “Are you okay with us sleeping together?” Kai nodded as well. “I’ll be spending the night cultivating, so it’s no problem at all!”

“Very well, then. I’ll go prepare some herbs to help Mr. Chance recover his strength,” Ghaylen said before heading out.

Kai settled into a cross-legged position on the floor, and with practiced precision, he began performing intricate hand seals to aid his recovery. The medicinal pool would soon be activated, so he would have to be at peak energy levels as soon as possible.

As Viola stared silently at Kai, she found her heart racing again. She couldn’t help but reminisce about the intense pursuit of Faiyar, with Kai firmly holding her hand.

“What kind of person are you?” Viola muttered under her breath. “Are you done staring at me? If so, please get some rest,” Kai remarked suddenly, catching. Viola off guard and prompting her to step back in surprise.

She had assumed that Kai wouldn’t notice her staring if he was focused on his cultivation, but he still caught her anyway. Viola burned bright red as she climbed into bed and pulled the cover over her head.

Kai opened his eyes, shot Viola a glance, and broke into a faint smile before going back into his cultivation state.

Time continued to tick away as Kai remained in his cultivation state. In order to maintain her cover, Viola remained indoors and kept Kai company.

Three days later, it was finally time for the medicinal pool to be activated. Hosen returned to the sect after thinking long and hard for three days.


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