The Mans Decree Chapter 2674

The Mans Decree Chapter 2674-Both Hosen and Ebenez’s disciples were all glaring at Kai with a hostile look in their eyes. The four disciples chosen by Ebenez displayed intense hostility as they directed their malevolent glares at Kai. Their eyes were brimming with murderous intent, giving the impression that their sole desire was to tear him apart.

However, Kai didn’t seem bothered by their vicious gazes at all. He wasn’t afraid of Ebenez’s disciples in the slightest. If those guys dare cause me any trouble, then I won’t hold back either!

Of course, Kai knew that Ebenez would surely have made some arrangements in advance, so this trip into the medicinal pool would definitely not be an easy one.

The thirteen disciples chosen for the medicinal pool were then sent to a mountain pass in the back, where they would continue the journey on their own. “Be careful, you three,” Ghaylen reminded Kai. and the others.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Samoll. These disciples aren’t powerful enough to cause me any problems!” Kai replied confidently.

“That’s right, Master! With me accompanying Mr. Chance, those punks won’t dare cause any trouble!” Zebediah added. “Just be as careful as possible. I can’t help but have a bad feeling about this.”

Lately, Ghaylen had been grappling with a sense of unease, and his anxiety seemed to grow. He turned to Viola, his expression serious, and implored, “No matter what occurs, Ms. Viola, please stay close to Mr. Chance at all times.” The girl nodded. “Got it, Mr. Samoll!”

As the thirteen disciples ventured into the mountain pass, an abrupt chill swept through the air, enveloping the surroundings in an intense coldness.

Kai could tell right away that it was due to the presence of a minuscule arcane array. Nevertheless, a little bit of cold was barely a challenge for someone like him.

The other disciples, too, paid no heed to the cold. After all, it was simply a mechanism meant to prevent those with low cultivation levels from getting into the medicinal pool.

Due to the ridiculously huge power within the medicinal pool, individuals with low cultivation levels would explode as soon as they entered it.

As such, there were mechanisms in place to eliminate disciples with low cultivation levels. The group soon made their way past the land of extreme cold, only to arrive at an area that was burning hot.

Kai let out a chuckle when he saw how simple the trials were so far. He then quickly entered the area with Zebediah and Viola following closely behind.

However, none of the disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect made a move after the three of them entered the area. It wasn’t until they were halfway through the zone that Zebediah noticed something was off and turned around, only to see the other disciples standing outside with sadistic smiles on their faces.

“Mr. Chance, I have a feeling that something is awry,” Zebediah alerted Kai. “What is it?” Kai asked. “Look, none of those guys are entering the zone, and they’re all wearing sinister grins!” Zebediah pointed out, his concern evident. “I’m afraid we might have walked into some kind of trap!”

Kai glanced at the disciples and said with at smile, “It’s fine! I suspect someone is manipulating this arcane array. Soon, these flames will intensify, which must be the reason they didn’t join us inside.”

His composure remained unwavering as he had encountered similar situations during the inner court trials.

“What? I didn’t know they could control the difficulty level of the trial!” Zebediah was shocked as he had never heard of such a thing.

Kai gave Zebediah a reassuring pat on the shoulder and said, “I experienced it myself when I went through the inner court trials. We’ll be fine as long as I’m around, so let’s just keep going.”

The arcane arrays in this trial were child’s play for Kai, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him. even if someone did raise the difficulty level.

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