The Mans Decree Chapter 2675

The Mans Decree Chapter 2675-As the trio continued on, the intensity of the flames around them increased all of a sudden. Even with spiritual energy shields, they were still able to feel the heat waves all over their bodies.

As time passed, Viola and Zebediah started to struggle with their breathing, feeling the pressure of the surroundings taking a toll on them. Moreover, the spiritual energy shield that had initially protected them was gradually weakening.

Upon realizing that, Kai snapped his fingers and fired a few golden beams of light at the flames around them, causing the flames to disappear instantly.

“Do they honestly believe they can best me with such a feeble arcane array?” Kai mumbled with a disdainful sneer.

A sense of astonishment washed over Viola as she observed Kai with wide eyes. She had not anticipated that he could effortlessly neutralize the arcane array. She was so impressed that she had a hint of affection in her gaze when she looked at him.

Back then, Viola only agreed to become Kai’s partner to reclaim Emerald Cauldron Sect. Having witnessed how powerful Kai was, however, Viola found herself actually falling for the man.

“You sure are impressive, Mr. Chance! Is there anything you don’t know?” Zebediah exclaimed. with a look of admiration in his eyes.

He then glanced at the disciples behind them as he continued in frustration, “Those b*stards sure have it easy, though! They get a free pass through this zone now that we’ve disabled this arcane array for them!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let them get through so easily!” Kai responded with a grin before. gesturing with two fingers and uttering a chant.

Zebediah and Viola stared silently at Kai as he completed his chant and retracted his hand. In the blink of an eye, a radiant arcane array materialized before them, emanating a brilliant white light.

“We’ll let those guys have a taste of my arcane array. Come on, let’s keep going!” Kai then led Zebediah and Viola out of the area after reenabling the arcane array..

The disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect wore frowns of frustration and annoyance as they witnessed Kai and the other two safely vanish from their sight, having encountered no harm.

“Did Master forget to switch the arcane array on?” asked one of the disciples in confusion. Seeing as Kai and the others were about to get away, Ebenez’s disciples had no choice but to give chase.

As they stepped into the arcane array, a blindingly bright light erupted, engulfing them in its radiance. In an instant, a multitude of brilliant blue flames encircled them.

Those flames were no ordinary flames, though. They were made from spiritual fire, so those disciples would not be able to shield themselves from the flames using their spiritual energy shields.

“Argh!” Kai’s lips curled into an icy-cold grin when he heard the disciples screaming in agony behind them. Without stopping, the trio continued making their way forward.

Thinking that the screams were from Ghaylen’s disciples, Hosen and Ebenez sneered as they listened on from outside the mountain pass.

Ghaylen frowned as he was worried about Viola. After all, he would be in deep trouble if anything were to happen to her.

It wasn’t long before the ten disciples came running out of the mountain pass, each of them covered in flames.

Everyone was frozen in shock and confusion when they saw that. No one had any idea what happened inside. “Help us, Master!”


“It burns so bad!” The disciples screamed at the top of their voices as they came running out. Some of them were in so much agony that they dropped to the ground and started rolling around.

Ebenez and Hosen gasped in shock when they realized that those screams were from their disciples. “Hurry, aid them!” Hosen shouted urgently, frantically waving his arms, At his behest, dozens of men then rushed forward to help put the flames out.

Despite their best efforts to quench the flames, the disciples had been burned so badly that they were either dead or crippled. Ebenez and Hosen were consumed with fury.

when they saw that all ten of them were their disciples.


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