The Mans Decree Chapter 2676

The Mans Decree Chapter 2676-“Ebenez, what on earth is going on? Why is this happening?” Hosen questioned Ebenez at the sight of those disciples whose faces were burned beyond recognition.

After all, the assessment arcane array was wholly managed by Ebenez, and he was also the one who came up with that idea, yet their own people were the ones being burned.

“I-I don’t know what’s going on.” Ebenez was also dumbfounded. I’ve already warned our disciples not to lead the way, so how did it end up like that?

At the same time, Ghaylen, standing at one side, also seemed to realize something and uttered gloatingly, “What goes around comes around. I suppose this is retribution.”

Ghayler’s remark prompted Hosen and Ebenez’s grimaces to turn a few shades darker. Meanwhile, Kai and the others had reached. the medicinal pool.

Looking at the medicinal pool in front of him, Kai saw a thick white fog above the surface of the water, which was formed due to the dense spiritual energy. “Let’s head down.” Seeing that, Kai was eager to get into the pond.

“Mr. Chance, this medicinal pool is amazing. but we can’t soak in it for too long. We must know our limits and when to stop,” Zebediah reminded Kai.

“I got it.” The latter nodded, then jumped into- the pool. As soon as he entered the medicinal pool, he felt the dense spiritual energy being absorbed effortlessly as it rushed into his body. Zebediah followed suit and indulged in the exhilarating effect brought by the medicinal pool.

Viola was the only one left hesitating. She was a woman, after all. If she jumped into the pool just like that, her body would be exposed once she soaked in the water, and her true gender would be discovered.

Zebediah was still unaware of Viola’s identity at that point. Kai could tell Viola’s concerns, so he turned to Zebediah and said, “Zebediah, this medicinal pool is so vast, so I think we should soak separately. If we are in proximity, I’m afraid it will affect our cultivation and absorption rate.”

“You’re right, Mr. Chance. I’ll move a bit further.” Zebediah nodded, then swam in the distance. After Zebediah swam away, Kai looked at Viola and said, “You can come down now. I’ll go elsewhere too.”

As he spoke and was about to swim to another spot in the medicinal pool, Viola jumped in before he swam away. As her body was bathed in the pool, her alluring figure was immediately plain to see.

However, Kai didn’t even spare her a second look. After all, he had seen Viola in her birthday suit before, so her current state wasn’t even a sight worth beholding anymore. Noticing Kai didn’t even glance at her, Viola fumed with anger.

Still, as the spiritual energy continuously poured into her body, Viola fathomed how rare and valuable an opportunity it was to spend time in the medicinal pool, so she didn’t argue further with Kai and hurriedly closed her eyes, focusing on cultivating.

Kai gradually submerged into the pool, desperately absorbing the highly concentrated spiritual energy. Moreover, even his cultivation level was increasing at an astonishing speed.

All of a sudden, an idea popped into his mind. Kai wanted to see what the bottom of the medicinal pool looked like.

Therefore, he channeled his energy to his elixir field, and his body began plummeting to the bottom of the medicinal pool.

After an unknown period of descent, Kai abruptly observed that the initially clear medicinal pool had turned a light blue color, giving him the sense that he was diving in a blue ocean.

While situated in the blue area, he found that both the concentration of spiritual energy and absorption speed were many times higher than: on the water’s surface!

“This…” Kai was amazed. Could it be that the concentration of the spiritual energy increases with the depth of the medicinal pool? At that thought, he suppressed the excitement in his chest and continued to dive deeper.

During the plunge, Kai didn’t even have to consciously activate his techniques to cultivate as limitless spiritual energy automatically surged into his body. No wonder people can’t soak in this medicinal pool for a long time. If someone with a low cultivation level and inadequate capabilities were continuously bombarded by this strong flow of spiritual energy, they definitely couldn’t withstand it and would explode and die.


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