The Mans Decree Chapter 2677

The Mans Decree Chapter 2677-Unknowingly, Kai suddenly noticed the water in the medicinal pool in front of him was beginning to change into a different hue, turning light green. That meant he had reached another layer of the medicinal pool.

He soaked in the light green medicinal pool water, unmoving and not triggering any of his techniques, yet he could feel countless things pressing toward him from all directions.

That pressure was due to the overly dense spiritual energy diffusing into his body. Kai started to feel a stuffy sensation in his chest, and his bones were beginning to creak.

Realizing that, he activated Golem Body, and layers of golden scales covered his entire figure. Subsequently, he closed his eyes and remained motionless in place. At that point, Kai dared not venture rashly deeper into the pool, so he could only slowly adapt to the surrounding environment.

Endless spiritual energy swirled around him, and his elixir field continuously absorbed all the spiritual energy that was rushing into his body like a black hole.

Meanwhile, at the surface of the medicinal pool, Viola and Zebediah had already gone ashore and were anxiously searching for Kai.

After soaking in the pool for only fifty minutes, Viola successfully broke through Manifestor Realm, advancing to Body Fusion Realm. Zebediah also persisted for more than half an hour, but in the end, his body could not bear it anymore, so he went ashore.

However, over an hour after the two got out of the pool, Kai was still nowhere to be seen.

“W-What’s going on? Where did Mr. Chance go? Zebediah was overwrought. He had searched the entire area around the medicinal pool but didn’t see Kai anywhere. Viola was similarly ill at ease. The surface of the medicinal pool wasn’t expansive, so how could someone go missing just like that?

Despite their efforts, Viola and Zebediah found no trace of Kai. They knew that even staying near the medicinal pool for too long could. cause irreversible damage to their bodies.

After all, the spiritual energy there was passively diffusing into their bodies. If their abilities were not up to par and they couldn’t refine the spiritual energy in time, that would bring about deteriorating effects on their bodies.

At that instant, Viola and Zebediah had reached their limits. If they stayed any longer, they feared the repercussions would be dire. “Let’s go. We need to leave this place first.”

Although Viola wanted to keep looking, she knew if they lingered, they probably wouldn’t be able to leave anymore later. Zebediah could only hastily follow Viola out of the area of the medicinal pool in resignation.

At the same time, everyone from Emerald Cauldron Sect was still waiting at the entrance since even elites could last at most an hour or so inside the medicinal pool. Therefore, everyone would normally just wait outside the entrance.

Hosen and Ebenez didn’t leave either. Although their disciples failed to enter the medicinal pool, and their faces were even burned beyond recognition, the duo insisted on staying, wanting to see how Kai was doing for themselves.

Soon, two figures appeared at the entrance. Viola and Zebediah had exited the medicinal pool area. When Ghaylen saw only the two coming out, he couldn’t help but be momentarily stunned before hurriedly stepping forward and asking, “Zebediah, where’s Mr. Chance?”

Zebediah glanced at his master, then hung his head in silence. Viola responded, “Kai is missing.” “Missing?” Ghaylen widened his eyes in utter disbelief.

“How could he go missing? The medicinal pool isn’t big, and this is the only way in and out.” Ghaylen couldn’t fathom how a grown man like Kai could enter the medicinal pool and vanish into thin air.

Viola briefly recounted everything that happened after they went into the medicinal pool. After listening to her story, Ghaylent furrowed his brows. Since Kai is not seen on the surface of the medicinal pool and hasn’t come out from this path, there’s only one possibility left. He dived to the bottom of the pool!

Hosen and Ebenez, standing at one side, also arrived at a similar conclusion as Ghaylen after hearing Viola’s account. A person couldn’t just disappear without a trace for no reason. The only explanation why Kai is nowhere to be found at the pool’s surface is because he plunged into the depths of the medicinal pool!

“Hmph! This Kai guy really doesn’t know his place. Over two hours have passed now. If he truly dared venture into the deeper part of the medicinal pool, I reckon he might already have died by now because his body exploded,” Ebenez chimed in with hints of schadenfreude lacing his tone.


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